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This page lists the subtags of service:bicycle:*

These tags are described to map services that are often associated with a certain type of feature, but can be found at other features too. For example, a hotel might rent bicycles or a special café could sell bicycles.

Official subtags

key possible values description
service:bicycle:retail=* yes/no bicycles are sold
service:bicycle:repair=* yes/no bicycles are repaired (typically for a fee)
service:bicycle:rental=* yes/no bicycles are rented.
Not to be confused with amenity=bicycle_rental which is reserved for "bicycle rental service based on parking stations" and "does not concern bicycle rental shops"
service:bicycle:pump=* yes/no/separate there is a free bicycle pump which can be used by anybody (it is not restricted to customers)
service:bicycle:diy=* yes/no there are tools for do-it-yourself bike repair / building (e.g. a bike co-operative). In some cases tools are freely available, in other cases a fee must be paid.
service:bicycle:cleaning=* yes/no bicycles are washed (for a fee)
service:bicycle:second_hand=* yes/no/only second-hand bicycles are sold

Other subtags in use

See taginfo for a listing of subtags that are being used.

Special use cases

  • shop=bicycle isn't just for places where you can buy a bicycle. Places where they only do repairs are also mapped with this tag. Simply add service:bicycle:retail=no to indicate that bicycles aren't sold here.