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Public-images-osm logo.svg tourism = apartment
HolidayFlats Martinique.jpg
A furnished apartment or flat with cooking and bathroom facilities that can be rented for holiday vacations.
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A holiday or vacation apartment is a furnished apartment or flat with cooking and bathroom facilities that can be rented for holiday vacations, either from a private owner or an agency. Usually does not offer services like reception, bar or breakfast like a hotel or a guest house.

The tag will be applied to a building containing one or more holiday flats. You can either add the tags to a node showing the location of the apartment, or tag an entire building in case there are several apartments in the building.

If there are several apartments in one building, you may specify the number of apartments as number_of_apartments=* and the number of beds provided as capacity=*.

Additonal tags

Key Comment
number_of_apartments=* the number of holiday apartments in the building
capacity=* the number of beds present, e.g. equals the max. number of people allowed to stay
balcony=* yes if balcony/outside sitting area is present
view=* yes if special scenery view is present from the flat, can be specified (all values except no should be treated as yes)

Obviously, the standard contact tags website=*, email=*, phone=* apply to get in contact with the person/agency renting the flat. operator=* might apply if it's apartment chain or a holiday resort operating the apartments. As well, internet_access="wlan;wired" might be interesting on this tag.

Relationship to tourism=chalet

Between tourism=apartment and tourism=chalet is a clear distinction: Chalets are one or more detached holiday cottages which you rent exclusively, apartments are several flats in one shared building (or one flat in one part of the building and other usages, like private apartments or a restaurant, in the other part).

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The original Proposal page

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