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20061007 3P N PE CEE connections.jpg
To describe sockets for power-supplies (e.g. on campsites) Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Power
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Status: in use

This page is based on the Proposed features/Extend camp site from 2009-12-11 to describe sockets for power-supplies (e.g. on campsites).


Please note: The tag values are still under discussion.
There is no Proposal page for power_supply=* yet, please refer to the camp site proposal instead.
Main point of the discussion is: Which norm shall be used as tag and if capital letters shall be allowed.

power_supply=yes/no/type Socket type if known, otherwise just yes + power_supply:voltage=value e.g. 230 or 120 or 400 (Unit V is not written) + power_supply:frequency=value e.g. 50 or 60 (Unit Hz is not written) + power_supply:maxcurrent=value e.g. 10 or 16 (Unit A is not written); maxcurrent of this supply, not of the socket-type! + power_supply:schedule=value e.g. 19:00-23:00 or intermittent

  • power_supply=yes - means, there is a power supply available (e.g. on a camp_site), but socket type is unknown
  • power_supply=no - means, there is no power supply available
  • power_supply=type - type of power supply socket (see below)

Tag values for type of sockets

The tagging should be based on the following wiki page:  Mains power around the world

Tag value Socket name Plug name Socket type Alternative names Used in following countries Picture
power_supply=cee_17_blue CEE 17 blue - IEC 60309
P+N+PE, 6h
camp sites 16A-plug.jpg
power_supply=cee_17_red CEE 17 red - IEC 60309
3P+N+PE, 6h
three phase CEE-Stecker.jpg
power_supply=europlug - CEE 7/16 Alternative II plug various Europlug Europe (Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands) Euro-Flachstecker 2.jpg
power_supply=cee_7_1 CEE 7/1 CEE 7/2 Europe (Germany, previously in Hungary, Netherlands) Stopcontact.jpg
power_supply=cee_7_3, power_supply=cee_7_4 CEE 7/3 CEE 7/4 Type F Schuko Europe (Germany, Hungary, Netherlands) Schuko plug and socket.png
power_supply=cee_7_5 CEE 7/5 CEE 7/6 Type E ACU 2P+T Europe (France, Poland, Belgium) E plug and socket.jpg
power_supply=as_3112 AS 3112 Type I Australian 2/3-pin Australia, China I plug.jpg
power_supply=bs_1363 BS 1363 Type G British 3-Pin United Kingdom, British colonies BritishPlugforWikipedia.jpg
power_supply=bs_546 BS 546 Type M SABS 164 India, South-Africa, Singapore, Lesotho, Swasiland, British colonies M plug.jpg
power_supply=nema_5_15 NEMA 5-15 Type B - North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), Japan, GUS B plug.jpg
power_supply=sev_1011 SEV 1011 Type J - Switzerland J plug - 1.jpg
power_supply=cei_23_16 CEI 23-16 Type L - Italy L plug.jpg

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