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Time availability of power supply Edit or translate this description.
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In areas without a stable electricity network, supply of electricity may be intermittent. For travellers it is important to know if reliable power is available at accommodation they use. In countries in, for example, East and West Africa a large percentage of accommodation opportunities do not have access to reliable mains power. This means that electricity provision may fail at random moments during the day. Some facilities solve this by means of a generator that is operated during a limited, but usually defined period of the day. Others solve it by use of solar cells that only provide electricity during the day.

The subkey power_supply:schedule=* is a subkey to the existing key power_supply=*. If power is interrupted unscheduled the tag is power_supply:schedule=intermittent, if the schedule is known it would for example be power_supply:schedule=19:00-23:00. If (solar) power supply is related to sunrise and sunset this can be handled by the existing opening hours syntax as well (like opening_hours=(sunrise+1)-(sunset+2)).