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A tent or caravan pitch location within a campsite or caravan site Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Tourism
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This tag provides a way to specify individual pitches within a campsite (a.k.a. campground) or caravan site (RV Park).

A "camp pitch" in this context is the free space used to place a tent or or caravan within a tourism=camp_site or tourism=caravan_site area.

Usually only 1 caravan is permitted on an individual pitch, but more than 1 tent may be allowed on a single pitch in some cases.

How to map

A camp pitch is tagged either as a node node located at the pitch identifying post or sign, or a area way around the boundary of the pitch if this area is clearly verifiable (for example, if there is a fence or border around the individual pitch area).

The pitch must be located within an area tagged tourism=camp_site or tourism=caravan_site

The following tags should be placed on the point or way:

Tag Description
tourism=camp_pitch This is a pitch for a tent, caravan or motorhome.
ref=* If the pitch is identified with a reference, usually on a post or sign with a number, use the ref tag to record the identification.
addr:unit=* If the campground has a street address with official unit numbers for each camp pitch, then in addition to using ref=* a addr:unit=* may be used. However, not all campgrounds have street addresses so using ref=* is the more generally relevant option.


tourism=camp_pitch + ref=A12

tourism=camp_pitch + ref=230 + addr:unit=230

Useful combinations

These additional property tags may be added to describe characteristics of the camp pitch and availability of amenities at the pitch:

Key Value Comment
capacity number Maximum number of visitors allowed
caravans yes/no Whether camping in vehicles is allowed
tents yes/no Whether camping in tents is allowed
parking yes/no If motor vehicle parking is permitted at the pitch
surface paved/unpaved/grass/etc. The surface material of the pitch
maxlength <number of meters> The maximum length of vehicle / caravan permitted
maxwidth <number of meters> The maximum width of vehicle / caravan permitted
fireplace yes/no Whether a fireplace with chimney is present
openfire yes/no Whether an open fire or campfire is permitted
drinking_water yes/no Availability of water to drink.
internet_access wlan Provision of wireless access to the internet, e.g. via WiFi.
picnic_table yes/no Availability of a picnic table at the pitch.
power_supply yes/no Whether the pitch has electricity supplied
permanent_camping yes/no Whether the pitch is for permanent residents only


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