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A picnic table with benches is available at this feature Edit or translate this description.
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tourism=camp_site tourism=camp_pitch leisure=picnic_site amenity=shelter

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This key is a property which describes the availablity of a picnic table at features such as tourism accommodations, campsites, shelters and parks.

A picnic table is an outdoor table with attached benches for seating, found permanently in one location.


  • Add picnic_table=yes to a feature to specify that a picnic table is available at that feature
  • Sometimes picnic_table=no can be added to a feature if a picnic table is not available at a feature that would normally be expected to have one, for example an tourism=picnic_site

Requires a feature tag, for example:

Guest house-14.svg tourism=guest_house
Camping.16.svg tourism=camp_site

To map a picnic table as a separate feature, use leisure=picnic_table

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