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Public-images-osm logo.svg leisure = picnic_table
Picnic table.jpg
A table with benches for food and rest Edit or translate this description.
Rendering in OSM Carto
Group: Leisure
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Status: de facto

A picnic table is a table with benches, ideal for food and rest.

How to map?

Place a node node and tag it with leisure=picnic_table.

Additional tags

  • covered=* - A property to denote if an object is covered by something
  • material=* - Describes the main material of a physical feature
  • bench=* - Used to indicate whether the feature has any benches or not
  • lit=* - Indicates whether a feature is lit
  • backrest=* - Whether the benches in picnic table have a backrest to lean against
  • colour=* - The colour associated with the object
  • access=* - For describing the legal accessibility of a feature
  • seasonal=* - Indication when table is there with rough seasonal indication (value domains summer,winter,...).
  • availability=opening_hours - Indication when table is there with value domain of Key:opening_hours, e.g. "availability=Mar-Nov".
  • smoking=* - For marking applicable smoking rules. However, if a law mandates a given smoking rule, that need not be mapped
  • direction=* - Specifies the direction of a feature



  • OSM Carto - A general-purpose OpenStreetMap mapnik style, in CartoCSS
  • OSM2World - Converter that creates three-dimensional models of the world from OpenStreetMap data

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