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A seating area, usually for the consumption of food and drink from neighbouring cafes and restaurants, often belonging to one or more of them, but not necessarily adjacent. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Leisure
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The term "outdoor_seating" encompasses all outdoor dining facilities in the area where guests are sitting outdoors. This can be the terrace, often separated by planters or small fencing, on the associated property, also simply on the walkway installed seating or the inner courtyard area / the roof terrace of a larger restaurant / hotel.
In urban gastronomy, the outdoor areas of the cafes, pubs, restaurants and hotel terraces are often quite conspicuous in the summer with large parasols and Mediterranean vegetation and decoration.
In Mediterranean countries the seating is mainly outdoors.

However, outdoor seating with the tag leisure=outdoor_seating is to be limited to the popular, proven beer gardens with the tag amenity=biergarten, although the combination is also possible (see below), if a designated outdoor area of an outdoor gastronomy permits this and the service is adjusted to it.

In the small areas of cafes (often ice-cream parlors), pubs and snack restaurants, the outside seating is always reopened only in good weather at the opening times, the registration of the outside area is to be dispensed with. Here only the main day with outdoor_seating=yes. Another possibility is to record the approximate season with seasonal = *.

How to Map

Required: add the tag outdoor_seating=yes to the food service. The tag leisure=outdoor_seating must not be used on the food service itself, this tag is only for their outside area!

You can see the corresponding outer-gastronomy area as follows: Add a point node in the center for smaller outdoor area. For larger areas such as terraces, patio, roof areas: Draw the outline of the area as a separate closed line within the defined area. Add leisure=outdoor_seating and operator=*.

For accurate and informative evaluations, add the following optional tags below. For beer gardens and restaurant terraces it is not unimportant to tag shade. This also includes surrounding trees, see natural=tree.

Complementary tags, optional

Key Value Description
hotel yes Hotel; Outdoor areas of a hotel (e.g., breakfast / lunch)
restaurant yes Restaurant; Outdoor offer
cafe yes Coffee shop; Outdoor offer
pub yes Pub with outdoor dining
bar yes Bar - The area outside
beer_garden yes Restricted service
fast_food yes Snack / fast food restaurant - outdoor area
food yes Limited dining offer compared to indoor dining
ice_cream yes Ice Service. Also for ice cream parlors
bbq yes Grill / smoker in the outdoor area
self_service yes There is no operation at the table / self-service
playground yes There is a playground for children
heating yes Heating (radiator / gas flame) available
weather_protection * Weather- / and sunscreen over the area
weather_protection parasol For large sunscreens, distributed over the area
roof For a protective roof that is open to the sides
awning For an awning
pavilion For a light pavilion
canopy For a canopy
trees Shadow under trees

Where is one sitting? Further complementary tags (location), optional

Key Value Description
outdoor_seating * Location or environment of outdoor seating
outdoor_seating pedestrian_zone In a pedestrian zone
street In a street area
sidewalk On the sidewalk
parklet In a [W] Parklet *
patio In a patio
terrace On a terrace
balcony On a balcony
veranda On a veranda/porch
roof On a roof
conservatory In a conservatory
garden In a garden area
beach At a beach
  • A parklet is a special outdoor seating on public roads and has no operator or service.

How can one sit? Further complementary tags (comfort), optional

Key Value Description
outdoor_seating:comfort * The comfort of the seating
outdoor_seating:comfort stool Simple stool
bench Simple not upholstered bench
cushion_bench Comfortable upholstered bench
chair Simple chairs
cushion_chair Comfortable chair / armchair
lounge Very comfortable lounge facility
mixed The comfort areas are distributed differently on the area

Useful Combination

  • name=* Name of the gastronomy (when it has a separate name).
  • operator=* Operator, e.g. the name of the restaurant or cafe
  • cuisine=* The kind of food offered.
  • drink=* The kind of drinks offered.
  • access=* Access yes / private / customers.
  • capacity=* How many people can sit.
  • internet_access=wlan WiFi hotspot of the gastronomy available.
  • lit=yes Lighting available.
  • wheelchair=* Wheelchair-accessible.
  • seasonal=* Seasonal (dry_season) open.

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