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A seating area, usually for the consumption of food and drink from neighbouring cafes and restaurants, often belonging to one or more of them, but not necessarily adjacent. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Leisure
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The tag leisure=outdoor_seating is used to map a seating area located outside, usually for the consumption of food and drink from neighbouring cafes and restaurants, often belonging to one or more of them, but not necessarily adjacent.

This tag can be used for all kinds of shared outdoor dining facilities, where guests sit outside. This can be a terrace (patio or deck), attached or detached from adjacent buildings, or a portion of a public pedestrian area with installed seating, or an inner courtyard.

How to map

Draw the outline of the area as a separate closed way, or add a point node in the center of the outdoor seating area.

If the outdoor seating area is very small, add it as a point at the center of the outdoor seating area, or as a node on an existing way that represents the building it is attached to (e.g. in the case of a bench in front of an ice cream parlour). For larger areas such as terraces, inner courtyards, street areas: Draw the outline of the area or area as a separate closed line. Add leisure=outdoor_seating.

If the seating area is exclusively reserved for a nearby establishment, add the tag access=* to feature you created and outdoor_seating=yes directly to another main feature such as a amenity=cafe or amenity=biergarten. See below for additional ways outdoor_seating=* is used to describe the location or type for this feature.

If the seating is not always available, seasonal=* and/or opening_hours=* should be recorded. Please avoid mapping temporary seating, for instance around pop-ups or food trucks, unless these have regular, predictable hours.

Useful Combinations

  • access=* Access yes / private / customers.
  • seasonal=* Seasons the seating is available, e.g dry_season or spring;summer;autumn.
  • opening_hours=*Hours when seating area can be accessed.
  • website=* Website associated with this seating area.
  • capacity=* How many people can sit.
  • internet_access=wlan WiFi hotspot if available.
  • lit=yes Lighting available.
  • wheelchair=* Wheelchair-accessible
  • playground=yes There is a playground for children
  • heating=yes Heating (radiator / gas flame) available
  • covered=yes The area is covered with open sides

Additional tags optional

  • name=* Name of the seating area (when it has a separate name).
  • operator=* Operator, e.g. the name of the restaurant or cafe that manages and maintains the area.
  • weather_protection=parasol/roof/awning/pavilion/pergola/canopy/trees - Weather and sunscreen over the area.
  • outdoor_seating:comfort=stool/bench/cushion_bench/chair/cushion_chair/lounge - Seating options

Outdoor Seating Type

The most common values for outdoor_seating=* are yes or no to indicate that an amenity like a restaurant or cafe has outdoor seating available. However the values listed below for outdoor_seating=* may also be used with leisure=outdoor_seating to give more specific information about the type or location of the built structure.

leisure=outdoor_seating, outdoor_seating=*
value description
balcony On a balcony
beach On or at a beach
conservatory At a conservatory
garden In a garden
parklet Next to the curb, or where parking used to be [W] Parklet
patio On a patio
pedestrian_zone In a dedicated pedestrian area
roof On a roof
street Along a street
sidewalk Along a sidewalk
terrace On a terrace
veranda On a veranda


Röntgen icons in Map Machine

Tag Icon
weather_protection=parasol Röntgen table and two chairs and umbrella.svg
weather_protection=roof Röntgen table and two chairs and roof.svg
weather_protection=awning Röntgen table and two chairs and awning.svg
weather_protection=pavilion Röntgen table and two chairs and roof and wall.svg
weather_protection=pergola Röntgen table and two chairs and pergola.svg

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