Map Machine

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Map Machine
Röntgen rendering trees.png
Author: Sergey Vartanov
Platforms: Linux and macOS
Status: Unfinished
Language: English
Source code:
Programming language: Python

Renderer with custom icon set.

Map Machine project consists of

  • Python OpenStreetMap renderer and tile generator (see usage, renderer documentation, tile generation),
  • Röntgen icon set: unique CC-BY 4.0 icons.

The idea behind the Map Machine project is to show all the richness of the OpenStreetMap data: to have a possibility to display any map feature represented by OpenStreetMap data tags by means of colors, shapes, and icons. Map Machine is created for OpenStreetMap contributors: to display all changes one made on the map even if they are small, and for users: to dig down into the map and find every detail that was mapped.

Unlike standard OpenStreetMap layers, Map Machine is a playground for experiments where one can easily try to support proposed tags, tags with little or even single usage, deprecated tags.

Map Machine is intended to be highly configurable, so it can generate precise but messy maps for OSM contributors as well as pretty and clean maps for OSM users, can use slow algorithms for some experimental features.

Project source: GitHub page.

Röntgen icon set

One of the key features of the Map Machine project is Röntgen icon set.

See Category:Röntgen icon set.