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An area where people can camp overnight using tents, camper vans, or caravans. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Group: tourism
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The tag tourism=camp_site is used to map a campsite (UK) or campground (North American): an area, usually divided into a number of pitches, where people can camp overnight using tents, camper vans, caravans (aka RVs or motorhomes).

(In American English, the term campsite is generally synonymous with the UK English term camp pitch: tourism=camp_pitch).

Note that while camp sites might (or might not) include occasional building=cabin or other housing accommodation, those are neither required nor indicative of tourism=camp_site (which is defined by having pitches for placing tents and/or caravans/RVs), and should be mapped as separate POIs and/or cabins=* property.

A tourism=camp_site may be:

  • A developed area with amenities such as electricity, drinking water, toilets, beaches for swimming, etc.
  • A backcountry area with few to no facilities, often accessible only by off-road vehicle or on foot.


A tourism=camp_site can be tagged as either a node node or an area area, but ideally as an area area if the perimeter is known.

The table lists tags which can be added to the campsite. Ideally amenities (showers, drinking water, etc.) are mapped at their physical locations but otherwise add them to this object so at least people know it exists somewhere around the site. A number of these tags are also applicable and useful on the individually mapped camp pitches; e.g. pitches often have amenities intended only for the occupant's use. (see: tourism=camp_pitch).

Key Value Comment Icon [1]
name Name of this campsite
operator Name of the campsite operator
camp_site basic/standard/serviced/deluxe An approved classification system related to the level of services and amenities.
stars 1 - 5 An alternative classification scheme, used in France for example. OCM star.svgOCM star.svgOCM star.svg
lit yes/no Is the camp site lit at night?
backcountry yes/no Backcountry camping without facilities. The access is by non-motorized means. OCM l backcountry.svg
impromptu yes/no Camping location that is not an established camping site or an informal camping site
scout yes/no Is it a scout camp? Also see leisure=summer_camp OCM l group only.svg
static_caravans yes/no Whether the site has static caravans OCM static caravans.svg
permanent_camping yes/no/only Whether pitches are available for rent on a yearly or seasonal basis OCM permanent.svg
addr Address
phone Contact phone number
website Campsite website
Pitch types
tents yes/no Whether camping in tents is allowed OCM tent.svgOCM no-tent.svg
caravans yes/no Whether camping in vehicles is allowed OCM caravan.svgOCM no-caravan.svg
motorhome yes/no Whether motorhomes are allowed OCM motorhome.svgOCM no-motorhome.svg
cabins yes/no Whether the site has cabins for rent OCM cabins.svg
capacity:persons number Maximum number of visitors (often limited at backcountry sites) OCM num persons.svg
capacity:tents=* number Number of pitches available for tents. OCM num tent.svg
capacity:cabins=* number Number of cabins available for cabin:rental=* OCM cabins.svg
capacity:caravans number Number of pitches available for caravans/RV OCM num caravan.svg
capacity:pitches number Number of pitches available for caravans, RV or tents OCM caravan+tent.svg
opening_hours Specify the opening hours and season for this campsite.
fee yes/no Whether a fee is required to use this campsite
dog yes/no/leashed Are dogs allowed? OCM dog.svgOCM no-dog.svgOCM dog-leashed.svg
group_only yes/no Is it a group-only campsite? OCM l group only.svg
motor_vehicle yes/no Whether motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, caravans) are allowed. OCM motor vehicle.svgOCM no-motor vehicle.svg
nudism yes/no/obligatory/customary/permissive/designated Is nudism permitted? OCM l nudist.svg
reservation yes/no/recommended/required Are reservations possible, recommended or required, or is it "first come, first served"?
bbq yes/no Whether a BBQ (grill) is available OCM bbq.svg
drinking_water yes/no Availability of water to drink. OCM drinking water.svgOCM no-drinking water.svg
hot_water yes/no Availability of warm water (e.g. cooking)
internet_access yes/no/wlan Provision of access to the internet. wlan wireless internet, e.g. WiFi. OCM wifi.svgOCM no-wifi.svgOCM wifi.svg
kitchen yes/no Whether a kitchen is available
picnic_table yes/no Whether picnic tables are available
power_supply yes/no Whether the site has electric hookups for caravans, tents and motorhomes OCM power supply.svgOCM no-power supply.svg
sanitary_dump_station yes/no/customers Place to dump caravan and RV sewage holding tanks. OCM sanitary dump station.svg
shower yes/no/hot/cold Are showers available? OCM shower.svgOCM no-shower.svg
swimming_pool yes/no Whether the campsite has a swimming pool OCM swimming pool.svg
toilets yes/no Are toilets available? OCM toilet.svgOCM no-toilet.svg
washing_machine yes/no If there's a clothes washing machine available OCM washing machine.svg
bin yes/no Are there places to dispose waste?
smoking yes/outside/no/dedicated/separated/isolated Indicates if and where smoking is allowed on the camping grounds. See smoking=* for the exact meanings of these values.
openfire yes/no Are fires permitted? OCM firepit.svgOCM no-firepit.svg

Additional features

Where these additional features are present they can be mapped, preferably as separate nodes node or areas area at the appropriate location:

Key Value Comment Icon [1]
amenity reception_desk Proposed feature. Reception/check in. (Campsite office.) OCM Reception.svg
tourism camp_pitch Approved feature. Used to map individual tent or caravan sites within a campsite, along with ref=*. OCM Pitch-blue.svgOCM Pitch-red.svgOCM Pitch-green.svg
amenity toilets The location of a toilet OCM toilet.svg
amenity kitchen A kitchen available for the use of guests or the public
amenity shower A shower for bathing OCM shower.svg
amenity bbq A permanently installed barbecue grill OCM bbq.svg
emergency fire_extinguisher Fire extinguisher OCM Fire extinguisher.svg
amenity power_supply A power supply for the use of customers OCM Power supply.svg
amenity bench A bench for sitting
amenity waste_disposal A communal bin for disposing of household waste
amenity recycling For a recycling bin. Add recycling_type=container
amenity sanitary_dump_station A station for emptying caravan sewage tanks OCM sanitary dump station.svg
amenity washing_machine A washing machine OCM washing machine.svg
amenity boat_rental A facility which offers boats for rent
amenity boat_storage A place where boats may be stored
amenity drinking_water A source of drinking water, such as a water fountain or tap. OCM drinking water.svg
amenity parking A place to park motor vehicles: car park or parking lot
amenity vending_machine Use with vending=ice_cubes for an ice dispenser.
amenity water_point A source of large amounts of water; e.g. to fill water tanks
amenity watering_place Watering place for animals to drink; e.g. a water trough for horses
amenity bear_box A box used to temporary store food away from wild animals
highway service A service road: used for most minor camp roads
leisure firepit A firepit or fire ring. OCM firepit.svg
leisure picnic_table A picnic table
leisure playground A playground for children OCM playground.svg
man_made water_tap A water tap, which may or may not provide drinking water.
natural tree A single tree.
natural tree_row A line of trees.
shop laundry A laundry shop; e.g. launderette or laundromat OCM washing machine.svg
shop * Various shops on premise (most often kiosks or convenience stores) OCM shop.svg
leisure swimming_pool Swimming pool OCM swimming pool.svg
leisure sauna Sauna OCM sauna.svg
amenity bar Bar OCM bar.svg
amenity pub Pub OCM pub.svg
amenity restaurant Restaurant OCM restaurant.svg
amenity telephone Public phone OCM telephone.svg
amenity post_box Post box OCM post box.svg
leisure miniature_golf Miniature golf OCM miniature golf.svg
leisure golf_course Golf course OCM sport-golf.svg
sport * Various sports facilities OCM sport-archery.svgOCM sport-baseball.svgOCM sport-basketball.svgOCM sport-beachvolleyball.svgOCM sport-equestrian.svgOCM sport-golf.svgOCM sport-soccer.svgOCM sport-table tennis.svgOCM sport-tennis.svgOCM sport-volleyball.svg

Closed camp sites



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