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A permanently built place for having a BBQ Edit or translate this description.
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A Barbecue (BBQ) is an apparatus for cooking meat and various other foods. We might add a BBQ to the map with the tag amenity=bbq if there is a permanently built place for having a BBQ or grill.

This might include provision of the fuel, but more typically would require you to bring your own (e.g. the structure just has a grill shelf for putting the charcoal/wood).

Additional Tags

  • covered=yes/no -- default is no.
  • fuel=wood/electric/charcoal


Similar tags

  • bbq=* – The availability of a barbecue (grill) at a tourism=* accommodation
  • leisure=firepit – Structure where you may have an openfire=*
  • fireplace=* – A framed opening made in a chimney to hold an open fire
  • amenity=baking_oven – An oven
  • oven=* – To describe the type of an oven
  • stove=* – The availability of a stove at a tourism=* accommodation
  • tourism=picnic_site – A place set-up for people to have a picnic e.g. with tables and chairs. An amenity=bbq might be used part of this, or alongside it.
  • amenity=fast_food – A fast food outlet. This tag should be used instead of amenity=bbq where there is a commercial operation to provide grilled meat as a fast food outlet. The tag amenity=bbq is more intended for facilities allowing you to have your own BBQ.
  • bring_own_bbq=yes – tag proposed[1] and considered as a good idea[2] for places where one is allowed to bring barbecue, but there is no grill or firepit provided on site.

See Also

  • [W] Barbecue grill – For an overview of different types of barbecue grills, including non-public ones.

Possible tagging mistakes

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