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Public-images-osm logo.svg oven
The oven tag is used to describe a type of an oven. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amenities
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This is a tag that can be used as a property to specify the kind of oven a feature provides. E.g. it can be added to restaurants, fast foods, bakeries, etc. - to say whether they use an electric oven, a wood fired oven or other type of oven. It can also be added to provide the type of oven for amenity=baking_oven.

To describe places selling prepared food (restaurants etc.), we currently have cuisine=* including the value cuisine=pizza, but to really determine the kind of pizza it would be nice to also tag the type of the oven they use to prepare it.

To map a stand-alone (public) oven for producing food, use amenity=baking_oven.

To map a stand-alone oven for smelting and such, use man_made=kiln.


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