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Building for baking bread. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Buildings
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The tag building=bakehouse is used to designate  bakehouses (buildings for baking bread). It is often used with the tag amenity=baking_oven. It must not be used with shop=bakery.



Examples of possible combinations are detailed below:

Case 1: A bakehouse that you do not know if it still used:

Case 2: A bakehouse building that is still used:

  • The "building" OSM object (way or multi-polygon relation):
    • building=bakehouse
    • all kind of subtags related to the building (name, opening_hours, etc.)
  • The "oven" OSM object (probably a node, eventually a way or a multi-polygon relation):

Case 3: Historic bakehouse; building still exists, oven still present but not used anymore (less than one time a year)

Case 4: Historic bakehouse; building still exists, oven has been removed

Case 5: Historic bakehouse that has not been used for a long time and would need to be repaired before re-use:


Proposed: Building-bakehouse draft1.svg

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