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Giardino Mountain fireplace and lounge - panoramio.jpg
Used to identify pubs/bars which have a real fire: a wood or coal fireplace or stove you can sit around for ambiance and enjoying direct heat. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Used in conjunction with amenity=pub or amenity=bar to indicate that the establishment contains a real fire. It's a place where you can go if you enjoy that kind of ambiance.

This key is particularly significant in Britain and Ireland where aspects of the ambiance of pubs and bars have long been widely documented. The WhatPub? proprietary database run by CAMRA (a campaigning organisation protecting traditional beer and pubs) has included real fire as one of a number of specific properties of pubs, for instance way 100491143 documented here. As this type of information is now widely expected to be available by pub-goers in these countries it is important that such information can be collected in a free and open database such as OSM.

Note that this tag is about stoves and fireplaces that people can gather around for ambiance. It's not necessarily for a venue's central heating system (although it might also have that role).

How to tag

Pellet, gas and oil stoves provide less ambiance and as such are not considered "real fires". If you want, you can tag them with:


SomeoneElse has documented how he renders this, and other aspects of pub ambiance and accessibility, on his customised CartoCSS style.

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