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Red telephone box - geograph.org.uk - 919348.jpg
A public telephone Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Amenities
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A public telephone.

A phone box, or telephone on a stand or wall. Usually you pay to use them, often only via a pre-pay card.

The phone amenity may be indoors inside some other amenity e.g. in a hospital, but the tag indicates a "public" telephone, available as an amenity for the public to use (so not the receptionists' telephone in a hospital)

How to map

Place a node node where the telephone is and tag it with amenity=telephone. Where several telephones are arranged side by side, arrange several similar nodes side-by-side.

Note: The tag is unlikely to be used on an area area since telephones occupy a small geographic space.

Tags to use in combination

  • phone=+49 123 456789 - To tag the phone number which can be used to call this phone.
    • Don't be confused! You should use this tag in addition to the main amenity=telephone tag.
  • postal_code=* - Phone boxes do have postcodes in some countries.
  • operator=* - Company or government agency who operates/maintains the phone.
  • operator:wikidata=* - [W]Wikidata ID for the company or government agency that operates the phone. Useful for machines to parse who exactly is the operator.
  • ref=* - Some phones have an additional number to identify the location.
  • internet_access=yes/no - Does the phone allow internet surfing or sending e-mails?
  • internet_access=wlan - If the phone provides a wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspot that can be used by other devices.
  • video=yes/no - Does the phone allow video calls?
  • sms=yes/no - Does the phone allow sending texts/SMS (Short Messaging Service).
  • covered=yes/no/booth - Is the phone somehow protected against the elements or is it a booth with door?
  • indoor=yes/no - Inside a building (thus potentially locked at odd hours or in emergencies)?
  • booth=k2/k6 - Records the type of telephone booth; e.g., types of red telephone box.
  • wheelchair=yes/no - Is the phone lowered?
Payment tags

Similar tags

  • emergency=phone - for public emergency telephones. Phones which are more intended for, or only work for, calling the emergency services, e.g. those provided on motorways