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Currency accepted or dispensed. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Currency accepted or dispensed.


  • currency:XXX=yes – The currency XXX is accepted/dispensed. The subkey XXX is replaced by the  three-letter ISO 4217 currency code.
  • currency:XXX=no – The currency XXX is not accepted/dispensed. The subkey XXX is replaced by the  three-letter ISO 4217 currency code.
  • currency:others=no – You may add this tag to the feature if you have already indicated all accepted/dispensed currencies, to confirm that other currencies that have not been explicitly tagged are accepted or dispensed. You should not add simultaneously currency:XXX=no, which would be an unnecessary duplicate.
  • You should not use currency:others=yes which would be too fuzzy (it would mean that all currencies of the world are accepted and this is wrong in general except online on very large international foreign currencies market exchanges).


This tagging scheme replaces the currency=XXX scheme, which is not working properly because an ATM can dispense several currencies.


  • currency:EUR=yes – Euros are accepted, but it is unclear whether other currencies are accepted, too.
  • currency:USD=no – It is unknown which currencies are accepted at all, but at least we know it's not US dollars.
  • currency:JPY=yes+currency:others=no – Only Japanese yens are accepted, all other currencies are rejected.

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Local currencies

 Local currencies are part of a  Local exchange trading system.

The key currency:XLT=* describe which local currency is used.

Florain Val'heureux Zinne
currency:XLT=FLOR currency:XLT=VALH currency:XLT=ZINN
 Roue Pive
currency:XLT=ROUE currency:XLT=PIVE


For information related to cryptocurrencies see the separate Cryptocurrency page.

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