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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = kitchen
Montague Burton Residences Kitchen.jpg
A public kitchen to use by everyone or customers/guests. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amenities
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Public kitchen. May be run as a local amenity by a campsite, part of a refugee camp or social facility. (Not for kitchen-shop!)


If possible use an area area for a kitchen building and add a node node building=entrance to the entrance on the outline. (This is helpful for blind navigation users). Add this area building=yes/hut/... and amenity=kitchen.
If the kitchen is not a separate building, place a node node centrally at the location of the kitchen amenities and tag it amenity=kitchen.

Tags to use in combination

Standard combination tags:

  • name=* for the name of the kitchen (if it has a name)
  • building=yes/cabin/... If the whole building is a kitchen.
  • operator=*
  • opening_hours=* if not anytime opend
  • drinking_water=* kitchen provides drinking water (hot/cold see under additional tags)
  • bin=* a waste basket in the kitchen
  • cooker=yes/no if a cooker (kitchen stove) is present
  • microwave=yes/no if a microwave oven is present
  • fridge=yes/icebox/no Presence of a Refrigerator / with icebox / no fridge
  • fee=yes/no
  • capacity=<Number> How many people can here working?
  • table=yes/no Is there a table?
  • seats=<Number> Number of seats (if table with seats in the kitchen)
  • supervised=yes/no/interval (whether the kitchen are staffed with a cleaner; these kitchens are usually tidier, and the cleaner might expect a tip)
  • wheelchair=yes/no/limited
  • centralkey=*

Ideas for "access" tags:

Ideas for additional tags:

Kitchens inside places

Camping sites often have little kitchens for customers, usually in a central services building.



Please add a photo of symbol illustrating a kitchen, preferably a specifically public kitchen anywhere in the world.


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