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Metro Manila, Philippines

Hello, my name is Eugene Alvin Villar, aka seav, and I am based in Metro Manila in the Philippines. I'm an admitted computer, Internet, and map geek. I've been fascinated with maps ever since I was a child (I was given a Grolier atlas as a present once) and so it's no surprise that I've taken a particular liking to OpenStreetMap.

I contribute mostly to the Metro Manila area, since I love this metropolis, despite pollution, traffic and all those nasty things. While I own several dead-tree maps of Metro Manila—and some of these are really, really good—I am in love with the idea of creating a free and open database from scratch because this data can then be repurposed in many new and exciting ways!

I am also quite active in the Philippine OpenStreetMap community. I help tend the Philippine-related pages here in the Wiki, steer discussions on the Philippines mailing list, assisted in setting up a local non-profit organization for OpenStreetMap and stands as its initial President, and coordinate or attend offline events and mapping parties.

I have a personal/tech blog and I have blogged about OSM several times. They are all filed under the OpenStreetMap category, but the following are some choice articles:

My OpenStreetMap diary also contains some of my OSM-related writing but targeted to the OSM crowd.

I am also a semi-active Wikipedian and I have contributed many maps there about locations in the Philippines. Two of them are featured images in the English Wikipedia:

Mapping accomplishments

These are the areas where I am the major contributor and which I am particularly pleased with: