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Metro Manila, Philippines

latitude: 14.594, longitude: 121.032
Browse map of Metro Manila 14°35′38.40″ N, 121°01′55.20″ E
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Metro Manila
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Metro Manila is a region in the Philippines at latitude 14°35′38.40″ North, longitude 121°01′55.20″ East.

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Mapping status

City/Municipality Status Description whois mapping?
MARIKINA Car (4/4)Labelled (3/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Bike (3/4)Foot (2/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (1/4)Tourist (3/4)Nature (2/4) ~ 95% of roads are mapped (with streets names, except for a few residential roads and footways).
  • Cycleways (Marikina bikelane network) are also tagged. Barangays names.
  • Total number of roads mapped: 405 KM (as of 2009114)
  • todo - lots and lots of footways and landuse
  • 2nd pass review for roads
    • reviewed and edited- Calumpang, San Roque, Jesus dela Pena, Marikina Heights, Concepcion II, Lamuan, Nangka, Concepcion 1, Tanong, Barangka
    • access restrictions to private subdivisions
  • landuse - added residential, cemetery, parks, commercial, retail
  • added barangay boundaries
  • experiments with house numbers
QUEZON CITY Labelled (2/4) * More than 90% of streets, ~ 50% unnamed
  • Barangays names (place:village) and boundaries, rivers and streams. Added access restrictions to exclusive villages (and some military facilities).
maning, backpacking philippines
SAN JUAN Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Fuel (2/4) Approximately 90% mapped, 75-85% named
  • Landuse for northern part of Greenhills & West Crame added
  • Most POI's added
Choco, GOwin
CALOOCAN Labelled (2/4) * North Caloocan ~90% of roads, ~ 40 % named
  • South Caloocan ~ 90% of roads, ~ 60% named
  • barangay names
VALENZUELA Car (1/4)Bike (X/4)Foot (1/4)Transport (1/4) 30% of streets mapped, certain landuse in this area need to be converted into buildings Neonridex
MALABON Less than 25%, major roads included
NAVOTAS Less than 20%, major roads included
See also Manila
Labelled (2/4)Tourist (2/4) 50%-60%, mostly unnamed
  • Landuse added in some portions
  • POI's added in Malate
  • BASECO area updated
  • updated streets in San Andres area

Needs completion:

  • Numbered barangays (almost not yet complete, with only 2 added)
  • Transport (bus and jeepney) routes (almost not yet added)
maning, jared201
MANDALUYONG Car (2/4) 30-35%, mostly unnamed.
  • Boundaries for some barangays completed
  • Landuse added in some portions
PASIG Labelled (1/4) 20-35%, mostly unnamed.
  • Boundaries for selected barangays are done
  • Added restrictions to most of Valle Verde excluding Frontera Verde
MAKATI Car (2/4)Labelled (3/4)Bike (X/4)Foot (1/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (2/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (3/4) CBD is at 99%. Rest of Makati: Streets ca 80% done, names ca 65% done, target: 99% till eoy.

Pending/ongoing tasks:

  • Tagging access status of private subdivisions [DONE]
  • Guadalupe area [DONE]
  • *embo areas (east of Fort Bonifacio) [10%]
  • Brgy names and land use [30%]
  • error correction and final revision
PASAY Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Bike (X/4)Foot (1/4)Transport (2/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (1/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (3/4) 30-40%, mostly unnamed. Many POIS and amenities are mapped.
  • PICC/CCP/GSIS/PNB area (60-70% done, Harbor Square Complex is considered complete)
  • SM Mall of Asia complex is virtually complete
PARANAQUE Car (2/4) 50-60%, mostly unnamed.
  • BF Homes Parañaque is ~80% done.
  • Northwestern Parañaque is 80-90% done
  • Some administrative boundaries are added
LAS PINAS Less than 50%, mostly unnamed.
  • BF Resort Village is ~80% done.
  • Philamlife Village is ~95% done.
  • Camella Homes 1 and 2 is ~100% done.
Seav, Schadow1
MUNTINLUPA Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Bike (1/4)Foot (1/4)Transport (2/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (2/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (2/4) 50-60%, mostly unnamed.
  • Ayala Alabang Village is ~90% done.
  • Madrigal Business Park is ~75% done.
  • Filinvest Corporate City is ~50% done.
  • Tierra Nueva Village, Pacific Village is ~95% done.
  • Mapping Tunasan done mainly on the National Road area.
  • Added jeepney routes passing over the city. Bus routes (city and provincial routes) still low priority.
  • SM Center Muntinlupa indoor map complete, and road directions changed (as per rerouting made last March 21, 2016). Indoor map of Festival Supermall and Starmall Alabang still incomplete. Alabang Town Center started only on a few parts.
  • Lyceum of Alabang map complete, with buildings and roads added.
  • Schools and colleges on Muntinlupa is at about 65% complete, but needs more additions
  • Searchable address for some residents of JPA Subd.
  • Partial mapping of Meralco roadside power lines (115 kV subtransmission lines and 34.5 and 20 kV distribution lines), mostly along National Road (Daang Maharlika) and Alabang-Zapote Road.
Seav,Jared201,TagaSanPedroAko, Schadow1
PATEROS Labelled (1/4)Nature (2/4) 40-50%, mostly unnamed.
TAGUIG 30-40%, mostly unnamed. Fort Bonificio Area - this area is undergoing massive re-development so Yahoo! imagery is not usable for tracing. The old crescent road network is now gone and has been replaced by a grid system.
  • The Fort Bonifacio area is now mostly corrected and interpolated from my personal knowledge of the area. --Seav 12:56, 7 April 2008 (BST)
  • Signal Village area is 70>% complete, most roads unnamed

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