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Makati in Mapnik

Makati City (Wikipedia) is a city in the Philippines located in central Metro Manila. To the northwest is Manila while to the north is the city of Mandaluyong. To the northeast is the city of Pasig while to the east is Pateros, the only municipality in Metro Manila. To the southeast is Taguig and to the southwest is the city of Pasay. Makati is classified as a 1st-class urban city and has a population of 510,383 based on the August 1, 2007 census. It is divided into 33 barangays.[1]

Makati is known as the Philippines' financial center and the home to some of the tallest buildings in the country. Portions of Fort Bonifacio used to be part of Makati until 2003.[2]

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As of October 2011, Makati City is 95 to 99% road complete, while certain parts of Barangays Bel-Air, Pio del Pilar, San Antonio, San Lorenzo and Urdaneta are building complete.

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