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This page lists down the boundary relations of cities, and barangays within the scope of Metro Manila. For more information on Boundary relations, see Relation:boundary

admin_level Hierarchy

Note: this table applies for areas within Metro Manila.

Political Division admin_level
Region 3
Cities and towns 6
Sangguniang Panlungsod/Bayan
(City/Town Council) districts
Other administrative districts 8
(not to be mistaken for Puroks)
Barangays 10


Name Relation Remarks
Metro Manila relation 147488 complete


Name Relation Remarks
Caloocan relation 273242 complete
Las Piñas relation 122124 complete
Malabon relation 403176 complete
Makati relation 103716 complete
Mandaluyong relation 104448 complete
Manila relation 103703 complete
Marikina relation 146949 complete
Muntinlupa relation 1346849 complete
Navotas relation 379812 complete
Obando relation 379803 complete
Parañaque relation 122940 complete
Pasay relation 113858 complete
Pasig relation 131703 complete
Pateros relation 131653 complete
Quezon City relation 106569 complete
San Juan relation 131821 complete
Taguig relation 184776 complete
Valenzuela relation 307470 complete

Note: Obando is a municipality under the province of Bulacan. However, the said place is listed here until Bulacan has its own complete list of boundary relations.

Districts of Manila

Name Relation Remarks
Binondo relation 141867 complete
Ermita relation 103706 complete
Intramuros relation 103707 complete
Malate relation 103704 complete
Paco relation 104058 complete
Pandacan relation 104062 complete
Port Area relation 104064 complete
Quiapo relation 104061 complete
Sampaloc relation 186448 complete
San Andres relation 104054 complete
San Miguel relation 104060 complete
San Nicolas relation 104063 complete
Santa Ana relation 104055 complete
Santa Cruz relation 1570467 complete
Santa Mesa relation 186436 complete
Tondo relation 131573 complete



First District

Name Relation Remarks
Bangkal relation 103729 complete
Bel-Air relation 103701 complete
Carmona relation 151235 complete
Forbes Park relation 109972 complete
Kasilawan relation 104057 complete
Pio del Pilar relation 103768 complete
Poblacion relation 103737 complete
San Lorenzo relation 103690 complete
Santa Cruz relation 104053 complete
Singkamas relation 151238 complete
Tejeros relation 151237 complete
Urdaneta relation 103686 complete
Valenzuela relation 151236 complete

Second District

Name Relation Remarks
Cembo relation 104458 complete
Comembo relation 103752 complete
East Rembo relation 104460 complete
Guadalupe Nuevo relation 104452 complete
Guadalupe Viejo relation 104452 complete
Pembo relation 103753 complete
Pinagkaisahan relation 104456 complete
Pitogo relation 131671 complete
Post Proper Northside relation 1815341 complete
Rizal relation 131669 complete
South Cembo relation 104457 complete
West Rembo relation 104459 complete

Note: Most of Post Proper Nothside and all of Post Proper Southside, which used to be part of the Second District, are now part of Barangay Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.


Name Relation Remarks
Addition Hills no relation
Bagong Silang no relation
Barangka Drive relation 134811 complete
Barangka Ibaba relation 134808 complete
Barangka Ilaya relation 104446 complete
Barangka Itaas relation 134695 complete
Burol relation 147502 no relation
Buayang Bato relation 104447 complete
Daang Bakal no relation
Hagdang Bato Itaas no relation
Hagdang Bato Libis no relation
Harapin Ang Bukas no relation
Highway Hills relation 104445 complete
Hulo relation 129372 complete
Mabini-J. Rizal no relation
Malamig relation 146565 complete
Mauway no relation
Namayan relation 130314 complete
New Zañiga no relation
Old Zañiga no relation
Pag-asa no relation
Plainview relation 147498 no relation
Pleasant Hills no relation
Poblacion no relation
San Jose no relation
Vergara relation 134742 complete
Wack-Wack Greenhills relation 104444 complete


First District

Name Relation Remarks
Barangka relation 371354 complete
Calumpang relation 371349 complete
Industrial Valley relation 371353 complete
Jesus dela Pena relation 371360 complete
San Roque relation 371361 complete
Santa Elena relation 371367 complete
Santo Niño relation 371368 complete
Tanong relation 371359 complete

Second District

Name Relation Remarks
Concepcion Dos relation 371346 complete
Concepcion Uno relation 1225805 complete
Fortune relation 1225800 complete
Malanday relation 371369 complete
Marikina Heights relation 371327 complete
Nangka relation 371370 complete
Parang relation 1225804 complete
Tumana relation 1225795 complete


First District

Name Relation Remarks
Baclaran relation 156053 complete
Don Galo relation 153195 complete
La Huerta relation 153198 complete
San Dionisio
San Isidro
Santo Niño relation 153197 complete
Tambo relation 153196 complete
Vitalez relation 156062 complete

Second District

Name Relation Remarks
BF Homes
Don Bosco
Marcelo Green also known as Marcelo Green Village
Merville relation 156100 complete
Moonwalk relation 153199 to be completed
San Antonio
San Martin de Porres
Sun Valley relation 156096 complete


Name Relation Remarks
Bagong Ilog no relation
Bagong Katipunan no relation
Bambang no relation
Buting no relation
Caniogan no relation
De la Paz no relation
Kalawaan no relation
Kapasigan no relation
Kapitolyo no relation
Malinao no relation
Manggahan no relation
Maybunga no relation
Oranbo relation 104450 complete
Palatiw no relation
Pinagbuhatan no relation
Pineda no relation
Rosario no relation
Sagad no relation
San Antonio relation 104449 complete
San Joaquin no relation
San Jose no relation
San Miguel no relation
San Nicolas no relation
Santa Cruz no relation
Santa Lucia no relation
Santa Rosa no relation
Santo Tomas no relation
Santolan relation 1155961 complete
Sumilang no relation
Ugong relation 108731 complete

Note: Some barangays have disputed boundaries with Cainta and Taytay, Rizal.

Quezon City

First District

Name and link to relation Remarks
relation Alicia complete
relation Bagong Pag-asa complete
relation Bahay Toro complete
relation Balingasa complete
relation Bungad complete
relation Damar complete
relation Damayan complete
relation Del Monte complete, also known as San Francisco del Monte
relation Katipunan complete, not to be mistaken for the alternate name of barangay Loyola Heights
(located in District 3)
relation Lourdes complete
relation Maharlika complete
relation Manresa complete
relation Maribolo complete
relation Masambong complete
relation Matalahib complete, also known as Santo Domingo
relation N.S. Amoranto complete, also known as Gintong Silahis
relation Nayong Kanluran complete
relation North Triangle complete, marked as an unofficial district under Bagong Pag-asa
relation Paang Bundok complete
relation Pag-ibig sa Nayon complete
relation Paltok complete
relation Paraiso complete
relation Phil-Am complete
relation Project 6 complete
relation Ramon Magsaysay complete
relation Saint Peter complete
relation Salvacion complete
relation San Antonio complete
relation San Isidro labrador complete
relation San Jose complete
relation Santa Cruz complete
relation Santa Teresita complete
relation Santo Cristo complete
relation Sienna complete
relation Talayan complete
relation Vasra complete
relation Veterans Village complete
relation West Triangle complete

Second District

Name and link to relation Remarks
relation Bagong Silangan complete
relation Batasan Hills complete
relation Commonwealth complete
relation Holy Spirit complete
relation Payatas complete

Third District

Name Relation Remarks
Amihan relation 554739
Bagumbuhay relation 366190
Bagumbayan relation 131730 complete
Bayanihan relation 555350
Blue Ridge A relation 108745
Blue Ridge B relation 108746
Camp Aguinaldo relation 106637
Dioquino Zobel relation 555348
Duyan-Duyan relation 554740
E. Rodriguez relation 556087
East Kamias relation 556086
Escopa I relation 366187
Escopa II relation 366186
Escopa III relation 366188
Escopa IV relation 366185
Libis relation 108744
Loyola Heights relation 149047 complete
Mangga relation 366184
Marilag relation 366189
Masagana relation 555344
Matandang Balara relation 1553812
Milagrosa relation 554741
Pansol relation 415512
Quirino 2-A relation 554737
Quirino 2-B relation 554733
Quirino 2-C relation 554732
Quirino 3-A relation 554738
Quirino 3-B relation 556089 also known as Claro
Saint Ignatius relation 106568
San Roque relation 555349
Silangan relation 554743
Socorro relation 108742
Tagumpay relation 555347
Ugong Norte relation 131709
Villa Maria Clara relation 555343
West Kamias relation 556084
White Plains relation 106629

Fourth District

Name Relation Remarks
Aurora {{BrowseRelation|}}
Bagong Lipunan ng Crame {{BrowseRelation|}} also known as Crame
Botocan {{BrowseRelation|}}
Central relation 556083
Damayang Lagi {{BrowseRelation|}}
Doña Imelda {{BrowseRelation|}}
Doña Josefa relation 104862
Don Manuel relation 105155
East Triangle relation 556076
Horseshoe {{BrowseRelation|}}
Immaculate Concepcion {{BrowseRelation|}}
Kalusugan {{BrowseRelation|}}
Kamuning {{BrowseRelation|}}
Kaunlaran {{BrowseRelation|}}
Kristong Hari {{BrowseRelation|}}
Krus na Ligas {{BrowseRelation|}}
Laging Handa relation 105078 complete
Malaya {{BrowseRelation|}}
Mariana {{BrowseRelation|}}
Obrero relation 105079 complete
Old Capitol Site relation 1717232
Paligsahan relation 105076 complete
Pinyahan relation 556085
Pinagkaisahan {{BrowseRelation|}}
Quezon Memorial Circle {{BrowseRelation|}}
Roxas relation 105081 complete
Sacred Heart relation 275067 complete
San Isidro (Galas) {{BrowseRelation|}}
San Martin de Porres {{BrowseRelation|}}
San Vicente {{BrowseRelation|}}
Santo Niño {{BrowseRelation|}}
Santol {{BrowseRelation|}}
Sikatuna Village {{BrowseRelation|}}
South Triangle relation 104833 complete
Tatalon {{BrowseRelation|}}
Teachers Village East {{BrowseRelation|}}
Teachers Village West {{BrowseRelation|}}
U.P. Campus relation 401155
U.P. Village {{BrowseRelation|}}
Valencia {{BrowseRelation|}}

Fifth District

Name and link to relation Remarks
relation Bagbag complete
relation Capri complete
relation Fairview complete
relation Greater Lagro complete
relation Gulod complete
relation Kaligayahan complete
relation Nagkaisang Nayon complete
relation North Fairview complete
relation Novaliches Proper complete
relation Novaliches Reservior complete, also known as the La Mesa Watershed
relation Pasong Putik Proper complete
relation San Agustin complete
relation San Bartolome complete
relation Santa Lucia complete
relation Santa Monica complete

Sixth District

Name and link to relation Remarks
relation Apolonio Samson complete
relation Baesa complete
relation Balong Bato complete
relation Culiat complete
relation New Era complete
relation Pasong Tamo complete
relation Sangandaan complete
relation Sauyo complete
relation Talipapa complete
relation Tandang Sora complete
relation Unang Sigaw complete

San Juan

Name Relation Remarks
Addition Hills no relation
Balong Bato no relation
Batis no relation
Corazon de Jesus no relation
Ermitaño relation 154428 complete
Greenhills relation 149021 complete
Halo-Halo no relation
Isabelita no relation
Kabayanan no relation
Little Baguio relation 154430 complete
Maytunas no relation
Onse no relation
Pasadeña relation 154429 complete
Pedro Cruz no relation
Progreso no relation
Rivera no relation
Salapan relation 154426 complete
San Perfecto no relation
Santa Lucia no relation
Tibagan no relation
West Crame relation 131820 complete