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CALABARZON, Philippines

latitude: 14.171, longitude: 121.608
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CALABARZON is a region in the Philippines at latitude 14°10′15.60″ North, longitude 121°36′28.80″ East.

CALABARZON is composed of five provinces (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon), and is located in the southern part of Luzon island. This page also documents various mapping activities within the area.


  • The region has an extensive road network and is one of 2 regions nearest to Metro Manila, the other one being Central Luzon.
  • Various infrastructure needed for economic development, are popping up in many areas within the region. Some examples of this can be found at areas near the South Luzon Expressway.
  • There are many residential and/or commercial developments in this region. Most of them can be found in urban areas (Northern Cavite, Western Laguna, Western Quezon, Eastern Batangas, Western Rizal).
  • Some of the country's most-visited natural and man-made tourist attractions in this country are also found in this region.

Mapping Status

A full explanation can be found here.


Province Status Remarks Mappers involved
Batangas Car (1/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (1/4) Most major roads added. Few city and municipal boundaries added.
Cavite Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (3/4)Nature (1/4) Central and eastern portions mostly mapped
Laguna Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Fuel (3/4)Nature (1/4) Most roads mapped, landuse added in selected cities and municipalities
Quezon Labelled (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (1/4) Some major roads added
Rizal Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (1/4) Virtually all major and most minor roads added

Cities and Municipalities


City/Municipality Status Remarks whois mapping? OSM Wiki page
Batangas City Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Transport (3/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Tourist (1/4)Nature (2/4) Major developments on Poblacion area. Barangays need to be mapped completely (some are on remote areas). Jeepney routes (commuter routes) added, more additions needed. City boundary added. Barangay and sitio/purok boundaries partially added. TagaSanPedroAko Batangas City
Lemery Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (1/4)Tourist (1/4)Nature (1/4) Basilisk
Lipa City Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (2/4)
Nasugbu Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (2/4)
Santo Tomas Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (2/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (1/4)
Taal Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (1/4)Tourist (1/4)Nature (1/4) Schools on the heritage town area added, but other places needs to be added based on surveys. Basilisk
Tanauan City Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (2/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (1/4)


City/Municipality Status Remarks whois mapping? OSM Wiki page
Bacoor City Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (2/4)Foot (2/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (2/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (2/4) schadow1, TagaSanPedroAko
General Trias Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Bike (2/4)Foot (2/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (3/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (2/4) schadow1,
Silang d1754
Imus City Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Bike (2/4)Foot (2/4)Transport (1/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (3/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (2/4) schadow1, andy_dc_ph
Silang d1754
Maragondon Car (3/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (1/4)Foot (3/4)Transport (3/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (1/4)Tourist (3/4)Nature (3/4) schadow1
Silang d1754
Tagaytay City Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (2/4)Foot (2/4)Public (2/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (2/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (2/4) certain areas (residential areas mostly inaccessible to the public) yet to be mapped d1754, ianlopez1115 Tagaytay
Ternate Car (3/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (1/4)Foot (3/4)Transport (3/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (1/4)Tourist (3/4)Nature (3/4) schadow1


City/Municipality Status Remarks whois mapping? OSM Wiki page
Biñan City Car (2/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4) Needs more landuse
Cabuyao City Car (3/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (1/4) Area mostly road complete, needs more landuse and street names bonggito
Calamba City Car (3/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (1/4) Area mostly road complete, needs more landuse and street names ianlopez1115 Calamba City
Los Baños Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (2/4) Area needs more landuse and POI's, some POI's may be outdated and need replacing. ianlopez1115 UP Los Baños
San Pablo City Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (2/4) Karlsruhe Schema being implemented in some areas, landuse in selected areas, other areas within the city to be mapped ianlopez1115, kton San Pablo City
Santa Cruz Car (2/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (2/4)Nature (1/4) POI's need to be updated from time to time ianlopez1115, kton
San Pedro Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (1/4)Bike (1/4)Foot (1/4)Wheelchair (2/4)Transport (1/4)Public (3/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (3/4)Tourist (2/4)Nature (1/4)Routing (2/4) Sitios of San Antonio started to be added. Several schools and colleges (Liceo de San Pedro, Laguna Northwestern College, San Pedro College of Business Administration, Saint Louis Anne Colleges, IETI, United Montessorian School, Greatland School of San Pedro, Cittadini School, Sisters of Mary Immaculate School, Casa del Nino Montessori School, and others) are newly added. Private subdivisions on western part of San Antonio added. Street names on United San Pedro Subdivision nearly complete

Priorities for mapping:

  • Barangay update after June 2015 plebiscite
  • Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions
  • Relocation sites (Langgam Relocation and Southville 3A
  • Names of schools and other educational institutions (3 are still unnamed on the Pacita area, 1 is still unnamed on Rosario area, and 2 is still not added in Sampaguita area)
  • Barangay boundaries
  • Boundary fix (almost done already)
  • Missing streams
TagaSanPedroAko San Pedro, Laguna


City/Municipality Status Remarks whois mapping? OSM Wiki page
Candelaria Car (1/4)Labelled (1/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (2/4) Poblacion roads added
Infanta Car (2/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)
Jomalig Car (3/4)Labelled (3/4)Housenumbers (X/4)Bike (3/4)Foot (3/4)Transport (3/4)Public (4/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (3/4)Tourist (4/4)Nature (4/4) checked May 1, 2013 schadow1,
Lopez Car (1/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)
Lucena City Car (1/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4) Poblacion roads and selected POI's added
Pagbilao Car (1/4)Labelled (1/4)Housenumbers (0/4)


City/Municipality Status Remarks whois mapping? OSM Wiki page
Angono Car (2/4)Labelled (0/4)Housenumbers (0/4)
Antipolo City Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4) At least 50% mapped, poblacion roads mostly complete Rally
Taytay Car (3/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Fuel (2/4) approximately 90% of the area is mapped; 50% of road names mapped Rally

Past events