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Batangas, CALABARZON, Philippines

latitude: 13.8595, longitude: 120.9780
Browse map of Batangas 13°51′34.20″ N, 120°58′40.80″ E
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Batangas is a province in CALABARZON, Philippines at latitude 13°51′34.20″ North, longitude 120°58′40.80″ East.

This page describes and elaborates mapping in the province of Batangas in the Philippines.


See Philippines/Mapping conventions/Roads for all guidelines. While it is still incomplete, it already provides a good basis for road classifications throughout the province.

The simple guide is:

  • Motorway (expressways): SLEX and STAR Tollway
  • Trunk (primary highways):
    • Maharlika Highway (N1/AH26)
    • Route 4 (Jose P. Laurel Highway, Ayala Highway, except sections entering Santo Tomas town proper)
    • Route 412 (Rosario-San Juan Road)
    • Route 434 (Diversion Road)
    • Route 435 (Batangas-Quezon Road)
    • Route 436 (Palico-Balayan-Batangas Road, except bypassed section in Balayan)
    • Route 438 (Batangas-Taysan-Lobo Road)
    • Route 439 (Batangas-Tabangao-Lobo Road, excluding extension to Malabrigo)
    • PPA-maintained access road linking DPWH-maintained national road stub in Bolbok with Batangas Port
  • Primary (other major highways, majority of bypasses)-
    • Routes 408, 409, 410 (Diokno Highway), 421, 431, and 433
    • Lipa-Alaminos Road
    • Lemery-Taal Diversion Road
  • Secondary (minor arterials) -
    • Majority of unnumbered national roads (e.g. Balete Road/Leviste Highway)
    • All major provincial and LGU-maintained roads
  • Tertiary (local collector)
    • Major barangay road serving through traffic and often links other barangays.
    • All non-major provincial and city/municipal roads
  • Unclassified (non-major road with mixed land uses)
    • Non-major barangay road, including roads linking remote sitios or a major barangay road leading to nowhere (i.e. dead end)
    • Other roads outside residential areas, including roads in industrial parks (when named and/or too wide to merit highway=service), non-major roads with mixed uses in city or town centers, and named roads in cemeteries
    • Major road inside large gated subdivisions
  • Residential (non-major road in residential areas)
    • Roads in residential areas
  • Service (special access roads)
    • Parking lot roads
    • Access roads in shopping malls, gas stations, etc.
    • Roads inside cemeteries (when unnamed)
    • Fast-food restaurant drive-throughs
    • Driveways leading to numerous houses, or private driveways long enough to be mapped
    • Single-track farm road
  • Track (4x4-only roads. Not for use in unpaved roads accessible to most traffic and critical road links to remote communities)
    • Farm or mountain roads only usable by 4x4 vehicles, including most SUVs and pick-up trucks for muddy and very rough conditions.
    • Temporary access road serving a remote non-inhabited area

Roads from motorway to secondary classification can be easily determined, but classification can become very difficult when getting to tertiary and lower road classes. Local knowledge of the road network comes first

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