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stub page for SkillShare PH Sessions


This page coordinates osm-ph skillshare sessions. SkillShare are short sessions either in a pub or anywhere. Experienced OSMers gives hands-on tutorials to newbies mapping techniques and other fun things you can do with OSM data.

This is different from the usual mapping parties. Anybody can join!


Simply edit this page to post your preferred schedule and venue and we will be there.

date and venue TBD


Post any topic you want discussed in the upcoming event. During the event, we may not necessarily discuss all the topics below. There will be no formal structure or agenda. Just ask, and experiences OSMers will try to answer them.

  • Correcting mountain peaks data initially imported from GNS dataset - rally

What should you bring

  • Yourself and your passion for creating maps that everyone can enjoy.
  • Bring your own laptops.

Who is joining

  • [insert your name here]

Previous events

  • June 26, 2010 - Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (1800 Eastwood Avenue), Eastwood City, Libis - OSM Map, Ka-Fi page