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Young volunteer-applicants respond to call, and listen intently for instructions.

The CWTS++ project pilot is a service-learning program spear-headed by the MapAm❤re Initiative, in close collaboration with the San Juan Campus of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and intends to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience for NSTP-CWTS volunteers, while meeting the service requirements mandated by National Service Training Program (R.A. 9163) for tertiary-level students, in particular its Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) component.

The institutional partners collaborate by mobilizing organizational resources by providing technical, administrative, or logistical support for the project.


  • We adhere to the OpenStreetMap community value of transparency, and understand that our project edits, changes, and comments are accountable through public change sets.
  • We agree to provide sensible basic training and orient contributors and volunteers we recruit through this effort about Good Practice, and ensure that all project-related user accounts are to be used by one and the same individual.
  • All our contributors are expected to edit with care, and follow applicable national or regional mapping conventions.
  • We will strive to provide meaningful, and relevant Good changeset comments.
  • We understand that all our volunteer contributors are expected to respond promptly to requests for comments.

About Us

Our program goals are as follows:

  • Gain appreciation for spatial (space, place, location) literacy and geography
  • Develop a sense of civic duty and responsibility through active participation and teamwork
  • Provide meaningful engagements that can broaden academic and career options
  • Organize proficient mappers who may be tapped any time, especially during (local/global) emergencies or aid in humanitarian relief efforts.

Area of Interest (AOI)

We will focus on available Philippine-related tasks, but may also conduct mapping activities for the benefit of other projects and communities through various Micro-tasking Managers (e.g. Tasking Manager, MapRoulette, StreetComplete, etc.)

Collaborators and co-working partners, or supporting organizations

Change Set Comment and Hashtags

We may use any, or all of the following:

  • #pupsjcwts, in addition to project specific project hash-tag we're working on

Training, Data Sources, Quality Assurance

Training program is localized, and loosely based on available training materials from LearnOSM

Data Sources

The project will utilize publicly available data, with OpenStreetMap-compatible licenses. Details to be provided when we use any.

Validation Work-flow

For Job/Task-specific validation, we will rely on the validation process established by the projects we're working on.

For tasks related to training or hands-on learning, validation will be made by peers and experienced local volunteers who are helping out the effort.


Project leaders and coordinators

For additional information, or any concerns related to our mapping activities, work-flow, or processes, kindly contact any of the following:

  • Project director(s): Erwin Olario - @GOwin
  • Institutional cooperator, PUP San Juan
    • Jimmy Gutierrez - Director, PUP San Juan Campus (PUP San Juan)
    • Al Pagalilawan - Head, Academic Affairs
    • Alan Navidad - Hepe, Sentro ng Araling San Juan
  • Resource persons:
    • 26th July 2018
      • Jen Alconis (Mapping Breast-feeding Stations)
      • R.K. Aranas (City Street Orientation)
      • Rally de Leon (Kapit-bahayan)
    • 27th Sep 2018
      • Bunny Soriano (Using UAV in Spatial Mapping for Urban Forest Cover)
      • Mikko Tamura (OpenStreetMap in the Philippine Red Cross)

Mapping teams

Our volunteer mapping team is composed of the following:

  • Aj Libres
  • Bryan_21
  • Bucao
  • CharleneMhaeSantos
  • dionco_je
  • Genevive
  • Ghieann Policarpio
  • Gimuel Jabagat
  • hnnhjnebrln
  • hotstar
  • HXD70
  • Irish Pauline
  • itsmikeeyy_
  • Jajax27
  • JayLawrence23
  • claireeeee (was: jeangranger)
  • Jerome11
  • jjppsia
  • Joanna R
  • josephada
  • JP Punzal
  • Justine Bautista
  • Kent Espiritu
  • kin maximus
  • Kirigaya Kazuto
  • Koyamaykel
  • LleGozzLand
  • madridondojoshua
  • mapper770
  • marieerfe13
  • mautedra
  • mighty_mochi
  • mjdurandar
  • Nico Qtqt
  • OtherMap
  • Pulms
  • RaphReyes
  • Raynemllr
  • ronendoooo
  • Santiago jpd
  • ShielaxForbes
  • masumune (was: Siapno)
  • sniperowl140
  • stephaniekylle
  • syrilltheartist
  • tinatamads
  • UndeadOverlord
  • VinsmokeSanji
  • Yukihero



Photographs from various activities where CWTS++ volunteers participated are here.