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This page showcases the featured images related to OpenStreetMap in the Philippines. Maps are very visual things and what better way to feature the accomplishments of the Philippine OpenStreetMap community than by showing some pictures? Actual map renderings, geodata visualizations, Mapping Party photos--you name it! The latest featured image is displayed on the WikiProject Philippines main page.

The selection of images to be featured occurs at the Nominations subpage. Go and nominate one! Images are generally promoted to featured status every week on Sundays, but only if someone can be bothered to do so. :-)

These featured images provide a ready collection of images that can be used for promoting OpenStreetMap in the Philippines. They are also used to inspire and encourage Filipino OpenStreetMappers to continue mapping and having fun!

You might also be interested in the global Featured images project which showcases pictures, photos, and illustrations of OpenStreetMap from around the world. That project actually inspired this Philippine-specific featured images sub-project. Some of the images below are actually featured there as well.



Week Image Description Global featured image?
Jan 4 Typhoon Hagupit changesets till 2014-12-08.png Typhoon Ruby changesets. Similar to 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, the international OSM community did a HOT activation to help map areas affected by Typhoon Hagupit, also known as Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines. This image shows the bounding boxes of changesets tagged with #ruby concentrated along the northeast coastline of the island of Samar.