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feature description tagging notes
barangay hall amenity=townhall


to be rendered on mapnik, building=yes is needed, and the building must be a closed way, not just a node (the node does work in osmarender, though)
barangay stage / community learning center amenity=kindergarten


barangay daycare center amenity=community_centre


barangay health center amenity=doctors


basketball court leisure=pitch/sports_centre/...


sport=basketball alone doesn't render in mapnik. watch the spelling of sports_centre.
boundary markers (barangay, municipality, city, engineering district, province, ...) boundary=marker

marker=sign,stone,beacon,pile,buoy admin_level=1..10

see Talk:Key:boundary#Boundary_stone
cockfighting cockpit leisure=cockfighting this differs from Ian Lopez' usage: he uses sport=* instead of leisure=*. sport for me is something that people do, voluntarily.
sari-sari store shop=kiosk
subdivision landuse=residential see [talk-ph] How to tag Subdivisions - Villages ?
waiting shed amenity=shelter currently, amenity=shelter is rendered way too prominently in both mapnik and osmarender. i submitted a bug report to fix this in mapnik.

see also

would be nice if all these lists could be unified.