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A townhall serves as a community administrative center or meeting place. Edit or translate this description.
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Use this for a village, town or city townhall, which is a building that may serve as an administrative center, or may be merely a community meeting place.

A townhall is not necessarily used (or having ever been used) for administrative function. The tag is also used for a "village hall", commonly in UK villages, and used for community events such as fundraising and Discos.

The same tag can be used for a "City hall", a building where the principal offices of a city administration are located. Another term is "Municipal hall", where the main offices of a municipal administration are Located.

How to Map

Set a node or draw as an area along the townhall outline. Add the tag amenity=townhall and name=*.

In UK, please also specify the type, townhall:type=village for a municipial office of a village or townhall:type=city for the town hall of a town.

Other countries may have other townhall types to distinguish the main hall of the municipality, or one of its annexes with more limited services (e.g. in suburbs of large cities, or in remote settlements separated by rural areas, or in urbanized exclaves), or with more specialized services.

Commonly you might also use the building=civic tag.

Similar tags

  • amenity=community_centre - a place mostly used for local events and festivities, and not used for administrative purposes

See also

  • office=government - An office of a (supra)national, regional or local government agency or department