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Forst - Grenzpfahl (Boundary Pole) - geo.hlipp.de - 39071.jpg
A physical marker that identifies a boundary Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: boundaries
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasshould not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
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A  boundary marker, border marker, boundary stone, border stone, boundary tree, is a robust physical marker that identifies the start of a land boundary or the change in a boundary, especially a change in direction of a boundary.

Boundary markers, traditionally, were often made of stone, but later many have been made with concrete or a mixture of materials. They are typically placed at a notable or especially visible point. Many are inscribed with relevant information such as the abbreviation of the boundary holder and often a date.

The phrase boundary marker is all-encompassing, as a boundary stone is a boundary marker, but not all boundary markers are stone. (Also, there are boundary trees.)

How to map

Set a node node and add boundary=marker.

If a boundary marker is historic, one can simply add historic=yes .

Tags to use in combination

  • name=* - The primary name: in general, the most prominent signposted name or the most common name in the local languages.
  • inscription=* - Text which is written on an object.
  • ref=* - Used for reference numbers or codes. Common for roads, highway exits, routes, etc.
  • marker=* - Shape and function of a physical spot indicating underground utility infrastructure, highway milestones or private property limits.
  • material=* - Describes the main material of a physical feature.
  • format=* - Describes the physical shape of an object.

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