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about me

i am axk. some stats: how did you contribute?, where did you contribute?



until 2011-03

mapping equipment, techniques, and conventions

  • Qstarz BT-Q1000X -165dBm 66-Channel Bluetooth A-GPS Logger
  • Nokia N82N97 for Photo and Audio Mapping (and backup gps logging when i didn't bring the qstarz)

mapping todo

osm related projects, todo


  • i loathe mediawiki markup - so i try editing this page with the openoffice wiki publisher extensions. took half a day to get this to work, because the shipping version 1.1 is broken. solution: find and install the 1.1.1 (or newer) version (i got it from here - also works for windows). now how do we get around the @#*! recaptcha?