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This page aims to document the plans and goals that the Philippine OSM community can aspire to achieve.



Maning, Neil and Eugene discussed several things after going out mapping parts of Cubao. The topics mostly revolved around things that the Philippine OSM community can focus on in 2010.

OSM license move ot ODbL

There is a plan to change the license of the OSM database from CC-BY-SA to Open Database License. There's been a lot of debate on the main OSM mailing list but we think most OSM-PH contributors are quite oblivious to this. We think that the vast majority of the OSM-PH contributors don't really particularly care under what license the OSM data is under, but for the few who do care, I will start a separate e-mail thread for this so that we can discuss the reasons for the move and the implications.

Quarterly Micro Mapping Parties

We think that more frequent and regular Micro Mapping Parties in vicinity of Metro Manila would be better in order to reach newbies and share mapping techniques and create a more social/friendly interaction among mappers.

Instead of asking everyone on which date they are free, we will just set fixed dates and people can choose to attend the Parties when they are free. We are also looking to get sponsorships for these events (most likely the local Garmin distributors).

Davao mappers and other areas can schedule their own regular events.

Other ideas for mapping events:

  • Mapping slums/urban poor areas - ala
  • Use TODA (transport groups) to speed up "road naming" within their respective routes. We could trace streets from Yahoo! print it then give it to jeepney/tricycle drivers to verify.
  • Organize mapping events among local college and universities

Expanding GPStogo

We currently have 4 GPStogo units courtesy of the OSM Foundation. Aside from Ian Lopez' unit, the other units are currently underutilized. We probably should not ask for more units until we can find a way to maximize these GPS units. Any ideas?

OSM-PH local chapter

The formation of OSM-PH org/local chapter has stalled for quite some time. We need to finally formalize our group in order to get more visibility, legal representation and other benefits for the community. We'll follow up with Andre of Enthropia regarding the incorporation and see if the community can provide help.

Here are some of the activities that having a legal entity can help with:

  • Expanding network and other connections (NAMRIA, LGUs, others)
  • Turn-over of domain for maintenance and site improvement
  • Turn-over administration of GPStogo units from Maning to the org
  • Push for State of the Map (the OSM international conference) 2012 (before the world ends :-) in the Philippines or organize a local conference.

Philippine road map

I'm sure most of you guys know or have seen the 1:1,000,000 scale "Roadmap of the Philippines" map produced by National Bookstore. This map is quite popular but very outdated (copyright 1985). I think creating an OSM-branded "updated" version is quite doable as a 2010 project for the community. We only need to have GPS-referenced traces of the national roads and we don't need too much detail. (And at that scale, even bad GPS traces would still be usable!)

If we can produce such a map (at that scale), we can sell such maps and generate funds to help in other local OSM projects (mapping parties, conferences, purchasing of GPS units, etc). Plus, such maps are excellent publicity material for OpenStreetMap.

Road-complete areas in Metro Manila

There have been discussions this year about declaring Makati "road complete". I highlighted some issues regarding this because of our too much reliance to Yahoo! imagery. One obvious problem are satellite image stitching issues. For example look at this portion of Buendia near the RCBC Plaza: <> You can easily see that there are 2 Buendia's there. The Makati data should be evaluated by an independent "person" before we declare it as road complete.




Mapping Status

  • Declare Metro Manila "complete" (well, there are far too many ongoing real estate developments to completely map but the general areas should be done).

For example, Makati CBD, Ortigas CBD, Cubao, Bonifacio Global City, Alabang has complete maps

Community building

  • Establish a "welcoming committee" to welcome new OSMers to OSM Philippines. Many of us are monitoring changes in the Philippines and if we consistently see usernames editing, then we send a message to them to join the mailing list and add themselves to the OSM WikiProject Philippines page.
  • Philippines Meetup! (mapping party, general discussions)
  • Mapping party by summer 2009, since everyone's on vacation mode at that time.


  • Upgrade the Metro Manila page on OSM Wiki so that it becomes a showcase page for mapping status and documentation for other projects.
  • Some (serious mainstream) media exposure (blogs and social networking also recommended, just to bring our message across).


Metro Manila is still not complete. CAMANAVA, in particular still have lots of unmapped areas.