Philippines/Mapping Fire Hazard Zones

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Used to indicate that an area is prone to fire hazards Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: hazards
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This page documents the field use of OpenStreetMap by collaborating districts/offices of the Philippine Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) of the following combination of tags:

Fire Hazard Zone Risk Indication

Indication of Fire Hazard Zone risk by a local district office of the Bureau of Fire Protection

BFP Attribute hazard:risk BFP Definition
undefined extreme CBRN materials (e.g. oil depot, ice plants)
Hot Zone very_high Area or zone is made-up mostly of light, combustible materials, compounded by difficult road access or limited water supply.
Warm Zone high Area or zone in proximity to a **Hot Zone**


Used for areas that are located on a zone prone to fire hazards. The determination is done by the local fire district or department


These tags may be combined with existing tags, for example

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