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This category lists pages that are using {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} with a parameter not strictly equivalent to their full page name. This is generally caused by:

  • differences of lettercase in characters that are case sensitive (only true namespaces, including capitalized namespaces created historically for articles in the 7 frequent languages, and the first character of the page title, are case-insensitive);
  • wrong namespace specified (e.g. mixing a language code prefixes with another one for unrelated language such as "en" instead of the actual language code in some template parameters);
  • missing namespace or language code prefix;
  • page name not matching (different translations);
  • difference in significant whitespaces and some whitespaces are stripped and ignored before the namespace, between the namespace and the following colon, between that colon and the pagename (including all prefixes), and at end of the pagename; all other sequences of whitespaces and underscores are stripped down and equivalent to a single space or underscore.


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