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On January 20th 2022, a motorbike collided with a truck carrying 10 tons of explosives in Apiatse, a town between Bogoso and Bawdie in the Western Region of Ghana. These explosives were being delivered to a nearby mining company (Chirano gold mine) which caused a blast that leveled the entire town. The small town was reduced to rubble, timber and twisted metal with a large crater at the center of the explosion. As of January 26, 13 people had been confirmed dead and approximately 200 injured. Responding to disasters of this nature is usually difficult in the absence of maps. The OSM Ghana community is calling on your mapping assistance to help plan and conduct further damage assessment and service delivery to those in need through this organised editing exercise on the HOT Tasking Manager.


The aim of this project is to map buildings in the affected town Apiatse and the closest larger settlement Bogoso.


After the explosion, OSM Ghana acquired recent imagery of the area through the Maxar Open Data programme. The imagery features the area before and after the explosion.

HOT Tasking Manager Project

Project #12038 -

Imagery used

  1. Bogoso Explosion Area Pre-Event - Jan 16, 2022
  2. Bogoso Explosion Area Pre-Event - Jan 06, 2020


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- #hotosm-project-12038


This project is coordinated by OSM Ghana

  • E-Mail: kasa [at] osmghana [dot] org