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This page summarizes the on-going and past public tasking jobs (e.g. task, challenge, mission, etc.) in the Philippines regardless of the micro-tasking platform used, or the affliation of the project.

All tasks listed are open to public participation and potentially useful during mapathons and remote mapping exercises.

Category Theme Coverage Status Job URL Project
Detections Mapping Validation Hashtag Page Feedback
Highways Roads CAM Completed [1] tabangAI [2] [3]
Area of interest Land tenureship, Buildings, POIs Lupang Arenda, Taytay On-going [4] [5] [6]
Highways Roads SIG Mapped [7] tabangAI [8] [9]
POIs Public schools PH On-going [10] OSMaPaaralan [11] [12]
Transit Crosswalks PH On-going [13] [14] [15] MapaTime [16] [17]
Transit Missing roads Luzon On-going [18] [19] [20]
Transit Missing roads Visayas On-going [21] [22] [23]
Transit Missing roads Mindanao On-going [24] [25] [26]
Attrribute re-format phone numbers to ITU E.164 format PH On-going [27] [28] [29]
Transit Crossing roads PH On-going [30] [31] [32]
Transit Impossible routing ("Sink island") PH On-going [33] Kaart [34] [35]
Transit Road alignment PH On-going [36] [37] [38]
POIs Lighthouses PH On-going [39] OSMaParola [40] [41]


  • Area of Interest typically focused on mapping all features in a geographical area
  • Attribute - Improve a specific attribute or tag
  • Buildings
  • Highways
  • POIs - Theme-specific feature mapping
  • Micro-mapping -  mapping of small-scale features
  • Crising Mapping - for mapping activations made during crisis events and emergency-related mapping


This section should identify the thematic agenda of the initiative.


The geographical region covered by the project, preferably in ISO-3166-2 format.


  • Proposed
  • On-going - mapping efforts are active and on-going.
  • Mapped - mapping is complete, validation is on-going.
  • Validated
  • Abandoned
  • Completed - Mapping and Validation is complete.


This column shoud link to the micro-tasking URL of the project. Job URLs may be separated by phase:

  • Detections - machine-learning detection verification
  • Mapping
  • Validation
  • Review

Optional. Hashtag identified with the project, which could be different from the organized editing group(s) or activities that contribute to the project.

Project Page


A separate page that provides complete information about the project to comply with the Organized Editing policy adopted by the OpenStreetMap Foundation.


This is a public page where reports or tickets can be made by other contributors or stakeholders, with regard to any issues related to the project, so that project leaders can monitor and address them.