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Humanitarian OSM Team Board elections 2020

Current Board of Directors

The current HOT Board of Directors are: Pete Masters (President), Miriam Gonzalez (Vice President), Ben Abelshausen (Secretary), Gertrude "Trudy" Hope Namitala (Treasurer), Nathalie Sidibe (Member at Large), Rasauf A Baki Billah (Ribin) (Member at Large), and Rob Baker (Member at Large). See 'Board' page on the HOT site for descriptions. Board Meeting Minutes can be reviewed here


Step Dates
Nominations 4th July 2020 at 00:00 UTC - 17th July 2020 at 23:59UTC
Discussion (Question and Answer) period

(A candidate forum will be organized by the Board of Directors during this period)

18th July 2020 - 31st July 2020
Due date for proposing Ballot Initiatives 29 July 2020
Ballots distributed and voting period begins 1st August 2020
Voting period ends 7th August 2020 at 23:59UTC
Annual General Meeting (AGM) and ratification of election results 12th August 2020 at 13:00UTC
Announcement of results Within 24 hours of AGM

Full Procedures

Board Election Results

Candidate Votes Percentage of Vote
Celina Agaton 44 30.77
Maning Sambale 40 27.97
Gertrude "Trudy" Hope Namitala 52 36.36
Matseliso Thobei Letsie 17 11.89
Dale Kunce 34 23.78
Willy Franck Sob 24 16.78
Felix Delattre 58 40.56

Bold indicates newly elected board members

Nominations for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Board of Directors

This election, two seats are up for election, both with a two year term. Both of these seats are occupied by Board members whose current terms are ending: Gertrude (Trudy Hope) Namitala and Nathalie Sidibe.

The nomination period for the Board of Directors will close at 24:59 on 17th July 2020

Thinking of nominating someone (or yourself) for a Board position? Read the HOT Board Primer first, and add your nominees below.

The nomination period opens at 00:01 UTC 4th July 2020 and will close at 23:59 UTC 17th July 2020.

Candidate Name Nominator /
Why are they an excellent choice? Candidate statement
Celina Agaton Miriam Mapanauta

David Garcia

Nathalie Sidibe

Rob Baker

Ivan Gayton

Canada & Philippines Celina has been a great advocate for open source and open data for over a decade. Her community coordination and ability to work with communities of all types makes her a strong candidate. Celina has been involved with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap community since 2008 when she helped provide Ushahidi with their first grant. Since then she continues to lead projects to help integrate OSM into core planning for the public and private sector. In the Philippines, she is shaping resilience models with OpenStreetMap for better prioritization, coordination and monitoring across the sectors for safer infrastructure construction and inclusive development. Furthermore, Celina has continuously supported initiatives about diversity and inclusion in the mapping community in the Philippines. To date, workshops and events have trained over 800 people from aged 6 years to 60 plus on OSM and helped launch three Youthmappers chapters. Her work focuses on remote work, rural agriculture infrastructure, food security, conflict, heritage protection, gender gap mapping and traceability. Candidate statement

Maning Sambale Feye Andal

Arnalie Vicario

Russell Deffner

David Garcia

Yantisa Akhadi

Mikel Maron

Miriam Mapanauta

Philippines We gladly nominate long time OSM contributor from the Philippines, Maning Sambale.

Maning is one of the pioneers in creating a community of volunteers for OpenStreetMap Philippines. He has led various crisis mapping efforts and disaster activations within the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team since 2012 (eg. Typhoon Haiyan affected areas mapping in 2013). He also implemented open mapping practices in local governments of Pampanga, and Quiapo, Manila, and developed open source GIS curricula with Miriam College and Ateneo de Davao University. He is a proud diversity and inclusion advocate. He’s the first to emphasize and realize that there is a need to change the ratio of men and women participation in OSM  and close its gap; thus, he initiated the first GeoLadies meetup in the Philippines in 2014. He also has vast experience working on participatory mapping projects and research with several Indigenous people communities. Maning is a maptivist who tries to realise both social and spatial justice. In addition, he currently leads and implements a number of initiatives including OSMAPaaralan, a collaborative project to map and identify more public schools in the Philippines using OpenStreetMap. His current role at Mapbox gives him ample time to consider the relationship of organizations like HOT and the OSM community.

Candidate statement
Gertrude "Trudy" Hope Namitala Heather Leson

David Garcia

Faneva Andriamiadantsoa

Mikel Maron

Rob Baker

Zambia Trudy has been a leader in OSM and HOT for a few years. Her passion for mapping and local communities provides a true example of what HOT's future requires. In the past two years on the HOT board, she has been part of a global shift to be as local as possible striving to encourage young women and men to join OSM. She's contributed to the global priorities of more diversity and inclusion, including the policies and practices required to move to be a more engaging humanitarian organization. For HOT she is keen to guide the implementation of the global HOT strategy built on the mindset and values of a locally driven agenda. Trudy's geospatial expertise and leadership will greatly benefit HOT and the communities it serves. Candidate statement
Matseliso Thobei Letsie Geoffrey Kateregga

Faneva Andriamiadantsoa

Lesotho We are pleased to nominate “Lesotho Mapping Queen”, Matseliso Thobei Letsie or simply Tshedy. Tshedy is a Spatial Planner working for the Government of Lesotho. She's an open source advocate and experienced GIS professional for Land Use and Settlement Planning. She has made more than 5million map changes (around 4.5million of which is mapping her country) and this massive contribution has made Lesotho one of the most mapped countries in Africa. Additionally, she won the 2018 OSM Greatness in Mapping Award and has inspired a lot of OSM contributors. As a HOT voting member since 2018, she is very active in the Strategic Working Group. Tshedy recognizes not only the power of data, but also the power of the community to leverage humanitarian and environmental development. OSM Diary Link
Dale Kunce Mikel Maron

Rob Baker

Heather Leson

David Luswata

United States As HOT takes on its most complex challenge ever in the Audacious grant, Dale is well situated to bring a strong focus on the organization's accountability to its revived OpenStreetMap-community centered mission. Dale has extensive experience in management and implementation of highly technical work at the American Red Cross, and direct experience with working with OSM mapping communities around the world. If elected, this would be Dale's second time serving on the Board, bringing institutional memory of what came before, what worked and what didn't.

HOT needs a strong strategic board with the ability to build on existing funding and set HOT on a path to meeting and building on the Audacious opportunities. Dale can bridge the existing work of HOT including strengthening governance and partnership engagement.

OSM Diary
Willy Franck Sob Jorieke Vyncke


David Luswata

Cameroun Wow !!! look at this map... it's incredible! This is the work that reflects the vision of one of the most dynamic OSM leaders that I'm about to present to you.

Everyone who came across Willy, came across his passion, his enthusiasm and incredible work. Since 2011 Willy has been building the map and community in Cameroon. He is as well one of the core members of the OpenStreetMap Africa community. Willy has an incredible network of geo-professionals all over the African continent and especially in the french speaking areas. His company SOGEFI Cameroon is today a leader in Cameroon and Central Africa in the development of open source GIS services. He has built the first National Infrastructure of Opensource Geospatial Data in Cameroon (, which is currently used by a diverse range of actors (NGOs, Universities, Public Sector, Private Sector), and which is currently being deployed in 20 African countries. With his experience, network and passion, Willy has a lot to bring as an HOT board member.

OSM Diary Video
Felix Delattre Nathalie SIDIBE

Enock Seth Nyamador

Miriam Mapanauta

Germany Felix is a passionate contributor to free and open source software and its communities like OpenStreetMap, Debian and others. He has been a great shadow worker in the OpenStreetMap sphere: He led the mapping of urban transport in Nicaragua, by this giving a new direction to community mapping in the traditional field of mobility, especially in Africa and Latin America. He is also one of the faces behind the popular Tasking Manager. Felix's extensive experience with open source and data movement, participative technologies and communities of practice makes him ideally suited to steer HOT towards a wider adoption of principles of openness and collaboration at local and global levels.

Felix is the best combination of a committed person with his beliefs and experience as a community member, community leader and former HOT staff member, which makes him a great asset to the board.

Candidate statement

Member questions for board nominees

Member name Question
Arnalie Vicario With the Audacious Project targeting 1M mappers within the next 5years, how do you think can HOT sustain these active mappers/community?
Claire Halleux (Building off of above question) We are all active in different communities with likely different points of view, how can we make HOT benefit from this diversity of experiences and opinions?
Jorieke Vyncke Since real discussions around strategy and direction of HOT are today not happening within the HOT membership, what do you think of the idea of having a paid HOT staff member that can enable this and amplify the voice of the membership within HOT? (Within MSF we have staff members working to enable participation of associative members in the strategy and direction of the organisation, and I have seen this working rather well!)
Jorieke Vyncke Could you share some of your ideas around the sustainability of HOT's technology projects? (Role of volunteers/staff, financial sustainability, collaboration with companies,...)
Mikel Maron How will you ensure that Audacious work is implemented with community as its focus?
Mikel Maron What are candidates views on staff serving on the Board? Is it manageable or not? If not, should we institute a rule that disallows it?
Pierre Beland Do you recognize that for the membership to exercice their role, they need to be informed about major actions and finances, have the capacity to exchange in a respectful context ?
Pierre Beland Do you recognize that the Board is accountable to the Membership and that more financial informations should be presented to the Membership before elections ?
Pierre Beland Do you recognize that minority Board members should have the capacity to exercice their role, clearly informed about projects developped, that major projects should not be discussed only by a few plus external partners, while minority Board and membership have no role and are not informed ?
Pierre Beland Do you recognize that the Board should not intimidate minority Board members and membership that oppose to their projects, that the Chart of Conduct should not be a tool to harrass and intimidate people in the organization that oppose to you ?
Pierre Beland Do you recognize that it would be better that the Chart of Conduct be applied by an independant group of members, and if a member oppose to their decision, this be submitted to the membership ?
Pierre Beland Do you recognize that volunteers that contribute for HOT to  receive major specific Funding should have a Say on how the fund are used?
Felix Delattre How do you handle conflict? How are legitimate issues addressed?
Rebecca Firth How will your election to the board support anti-racism and gender equality in the HOT Community? Do you have any specific informal or formal examples you can provide of how you've addressed these challenges previously?

Chair Election Results

Candidate Votes Percentage of Vote
Matthew Gibb 135 94.41
Abstain 8 5.59

Previous Chairperson for the Voting Members

The current Chairperson is Matthew Gibb. Membership Meeting Minutes can be reviewed Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Meetings#Meetings_of_the_Voting_Membership

Nominations for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Chair

We elect one person for the Chair for the Voting Members. The nomination and the election of the Chair will follow the schedule of the Board as detailed above.

Candidate Name Nominator /
Why are they an excellent choice? Link to blog or OSM diary

with candidate statement

Matthew Gibb Russell Deffner USA Matt has demonstrated that he truly understands the role of an effective chairperson is that of facilitator. With our community, sometimes that includes (gently) nudging the voting members to perform their duties like voting, etc. however, Matt has done all that we can ask of in an effective chair and more as a constant presence in working groups and conversations around HOT governance. I am happy to give Matt a nomination for second term as Chairperson for the Voting Members. OSM Diary Link

Past Elections

See the main page of HOT Board Elections for information on past elections.