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About Us

The Junior Philippine Computer Society is the student chapter of the Philippine Computer Society, a national organization catering to Information and Communications Technology professionals. It has wide reach among schools in different parts of the Philippines, including the FEU Institute of Technology chapter.

Junior Philippine Computer Society - FEU Tech (JPCS-FEU Tech) is a recognized student organization of FEU Institute of Technology. Open to all programs, its general aim is to bridge knowledge, industry, and technology through meaningful and engaging events that connect its members and industry partners.

Our Goal

  • To introduce students and associates to the profound impact of youth mapping, emphasizing its numerous advantages at both the national and international levels.
  • To provide significant opportunities for students to acquire essential mapping skills, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools to become influential contributors to this noble cause.
  • To strongly believe in the potential of maps as a means to address urgent global problems, making earnest contributions through platforms like OpenStreetMap (OSM) to the timely development of solutions that transcend borders, benefiting the global populace.
  • To transcend local boundaries by establishing critical connections with fellow YouthMappers chapters worldwide, actively sharing experiences, insights, and best practices to enhance the collective impact of our efforts.

Our Mission

The FEU Institute of Technology chapter of the Junior Philippine Computer Society aims to address global development needs through coordinated mapping activities, facilitating the creation and sharing of geospatial data, and fostering a culture of learning and leadership for positive impact.

YouthMappers Affiliation

As a result of an invitation to the 7th International Conference of Crisis Mappers (7th ICCM), JPCS - FEU Tech became affiliated with the International YouthMappers Community. This marked a significant moment in the history of JPCS - FEU Tech as it was the first local university-based chapter in the Philippines, established in February 2017. Since then, the chapter has held events in partnership with the YouthMappers community and has actively participated in the YouthMappers Network. To learn about this global university consortium go to their OSM wiki linked here or visit their website at youthmappers.org.

JPCS YouthMappers Community

Active Community as of A.Y. 18-19

  • Pierre Edwin See Tiong (Coordinator)
  • Aldrin Dale Gomez (Assistant Coordinator)
  • Renz Jeremy Albandia
  • Kirsten Malcaba
  • Modesta Aurora Baluyot

Active Mappers as of A.Y 22-23

  • Aira Sindayen - Chapter Lead
  • Lady Diane Casilang

Contact Information

We invite you to connect with us, offer insights, or explore opportunities for collaboration. For inquiries or partnership proposals, kindly reach out to us at the following contact points:

Email: jpcsfeutech2020@gmail.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/feutechJPCS


The table below presents a comprehensive overview of a series of events organized by the Junior Philippine Computer Society - FEU Tech (JPCS-FEU Tech), all aimed at furthering our mission of youth mapping education and engagement.

Task Purpose Details Tools Date
FEU Alabang YouthMappers Training This event aims to provide a two-day training for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) in FEU Alabang, the 3rd chapter of the YouthMappers network in the Philippines, aimed at equipping ACM officers, interested students, and faculty members with essential YouthMapping skills and knowledge, covering topics such as OpenStreetMap (OSM), Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), OSM ID Editor, JOSM, Mapillary, and Field Papers for field mapping experiences. The FEUTech YouthMappers has been invtied to conduct a training for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) in FEU Alabang, the 3rd chapter of YouthMappers network in the Philippines. The training will cover all the introduction and basic skills that they will be needing such as informations about OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). This training will also cover the introduction and basic skills in OSM ID Editor, JOSM, Mapillary and Field Papers.

This will be a 2-days training for all officers of ACM, all interested students and faculty members. Where the 1st day will focus on fundamentals and workshop using ID Editor, while the 2nd day will focus on using Field Papers, Mapillary and JOSM for their field mapping experience.

We will be using the projects that is currently published in YouthMappers web page for the HOT Tasking Manager training.

Mapping Tasks: Food Security in the Philippines

which is focused on Buildings, Roads and Land-use

For Field Papers and Mapillary, we will be conducting it around FEU alabang and Festival Mall.

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OSM ID Editor, JOSM, Mapillary, and Field Papers.
Youth Mappers Relaunch The purpose of the relaunch seminar is to reintroduce and promote Youth Mappers within the Junior Philippine Computer Society of FEU Tech, fostering an understanding of mapping and technology skills that will be used to raise community awareness. Junior Philippine Computer Society of FEU Tech relaunched their affiliated org which is Youth Mappers. This was held in a seminar which introduced the Youth Mappers and shared some experience about mapping. Youth Mappers used their knowledge of mapping and their skills in technology to share the awareness of the community in their area. January 21 2022
Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) The organization reinvigorated the FOSS seminar to educate more students about software, with a specific focus on Geospatial, or FOSS4G, covering a wide array of topics related to geospatial information and earth observation openness, from software development to transition to FOSS4G, use cases, applications, education, research, and open data. The Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) seminar had been an annual tradition of the JPCS FEU Tech Chapter. From 2017, the organization consistently provided seminars on this topic. However, the pandemic prevented the organization from conducting any FOSS-related activities. As we shifted back to normalcy, the organization revived the FOSS seminar to educate more students about software. JPCS conducted the FOSS seminar with a focus on Geospatial, also known as FOSS4G. FOSS4G encompassed topics related to geospatial information and earth observation openness, ranging from software development to transitioning to FOSS4G, use cases, applications, education, research, and open data. October 24, 2022
Everywhere She Maps Everywhere She Maps aims to empower students, host country governments, and their partners to achieve locally sustained results, helping countries mobilize public and private revenues, strengthening local capacities, and accelerating enterprise drive development wherever a woman maps. Everywhere She Maps is an activity supported by the Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund conducted by and for YouthMappers which is sponsored by the GeoCenter of the United States Agency for International Development.

We expand three core, interlocked activities that are proving successful in the current YouthMappers program:

1. Mapping and geospatial data activities that invest in women and girls’ security, livelihoods, access, prosperity, and participation in innovation and economic capacity

2. Leadership Program for Women in Technology

3. Regional Ambassadors who focus on building local capacity of the female mapping community

March 8, 2023
Validating the Unmapped: A Crowdsource Validation Mapping Event with HOTOSM The primary purpose of this task is to conduct an outreach event with a focus on providing assistance to those affected by the recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Specific goals include validating missing places in the affected regions, identifying damaged buildings and roads, imparting knowledge about Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, and engaging participants in a mini mapathon contest. The JPCS FEU Tech, in collaboration with YouthMappers and AITS, continued the Mapping Party that had been held on February 16, 2019. The mapping for this year focused on Syria and Turkey, which had been affected by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Validation mapping allowed users to check for errors or irregularities in the mapping process and provided details on how to rectify these errors.

Validation mapping was crucial for Syria and Turkey at that time as they were still experiencing various aftershocks. With the help of validation, it helped to assess how the earthquake had impacted the locations and the structural integrity of buildings and roads.

HOTOSM, GEOJSON May 20, 2023 and May 27, 2023
Magmapa Tayo The purpose of Magmapa Tayo encompass enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of map data in Sampaloc, along with the development and improvement of local resources, services, and infrastructure information. These efforts are aimed at empowering the community, including students and residents, to actively engage in the mapping process, and, in doing so, facilitating the collection of data that can be harnessed for urban planning, emergency response, and overall community development. "Magmapa Tayo" is a week-long event scheduled to run from November 13 to November 18, aiming to engage the local community in the process of mapping the Sampaloc vicinity. This event holds particular significance for the students of FEU (Far Eastern University) as they are intimately familiar with Sampaloc, the neighborhood where they pursue their studies. By participating in this mapping initiative, students and community members will collaboratively chart and document the area, contributing to the development and enhancement of local resources, services, and infrastructure.

During the event, participants will work together to map important landmarks, public spaces, infrastructure, and points of interest in Sampaloc. The data collected through this endeavor will not only benefit the community but also have wider applications, such as improving urban planning, emergency response, and community development. "Magmapa Tayo" serves as a prime example of how local engagement and technology can come together to foster positive change and empower communities to play an active role in their own development.

HOTOSM, GEOJSON November 13-18, 2023

Join us at YouthMappers JPCS-FEU Tech as we collectively contribute to a more thoroughly mapped world and a brighter, better future for all.