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Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines

latitude: 13.7559, longitude: 121.0597
Browse map of Batangas City 13°45′21.24″ N, 121°03′34.92″ E
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Batangas City is a city in Batangas, Philippines at latitude 13°45′21.24″ North, longitude 121°03′34.92″ East.

Why to map this area

  • The city's downtown ("Poblacion") is an important commercial center, and the city is also an important port, reflecting its commercial importance.
  • The city has an interesting transportation system, like the color-coded jeepney services around the city and its suburbs and surrounding areas. The jeepney routes are divided into 5 groups, Batangas-Poblacion (BP), Batangas-North (BN), Batangas-South (BS), Batangas-East (BE), and Batangas-West (BW).


  • Motorway: STAR Tollway
  • Trunk: Routes 4, 434, 435, 436
  • Primary:
    • Routes 437,438, and 439
    • P. Burgos Street
  • M.H. Del Pilar Street (Immaculada Concepcion to Calumpang Bridge), Calumpang Bridge and Manuela Pastor Avenue
  • Secondary:
    • Major city-maintained roads (e.g. D. Silang Street)
  • Tertiary: Major barangay roads, usually linking one or more barangays
  • Unclassified:
    • Non-major barangay roads that are long enough
    • Other through streets in Poblacion
  • Residential - other roads in residential areas


Mapping status of Batangas City is divided by barangay, except for the barangays in Poblacion, which is collectively referred to as Poblacion. Rural areas are of mostly low priority, but mapping is mostly concentrated in woodland and residential areas

Batangas City mapping areas.png

The city map, particularly those in the Poblacion, has became more detailed given various mapping projects that added buildings and critical points of interests. Now, the city map looks very great, but fixes for navigation, missing street names, and additional POI's are one of a few tasks that should be done to keep map up to date. Fixing of erroneous mapping is an ongoing task, particularly those under the previous LGU-led mapping efforts.

Mapping milestones

  • 2009 - Initial data for the city added.
  • 2015-2016 - The map for the Poblacion area was completely overhauled through the efforts User:TagaSanPedroAko, through adding missing one-ways, POIs, land use, and jeepney routes. Many changes also occured on the outside barangays, such as POI additions.
  • 2016 -
    • City boundary is added, as well as some barangay and sitio boundaries
    • A disaster management-related mapping project under the Project NOAH mapping initiative started, eventually completed building mapping for most of the city, with exceptions.
  • 2017
    • A city government-led mapping project completed most critical POI (i.e. schools, barangay halls, chapels) for each barangay, as well as several agricultural lands in the northern part of the city.
    • A mapping workshop led by MapPH, various Batangas LGUs, the Bayanihan Mapping Workshop, is held at Batangas State University. Through ground mapping efforts, the map of the Batangas State University and its vicinity is now detailed.
    • Through extrapolation of LGU-added map data for critical POI's, most barangays have been already mapped, as well as some sitios/puroks.
  • 2018 - 3D tagging started to be introduced, particularly the Poblacion area and major locations (especially the major schools, colleges, and universities) . Several buildings in Poblacion, (especially commercial buildings along P. Burgos), the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Batangas City Hall, St. Bridget College, and SM City Batangas (and nearby buildings along Joseling Road, now has detailed 3D rendering, which is ongoing.

Progress in Poblacion by numbered barangay

Barangay number Status Remarks
1 Newly mapped, but still needs more additions
2 Barangay not yet mapped
4 Boundary added
5 Many buildings still missing
6 Boundary added
7 Boundary added
8 Boundary added
9 Boundary and barangay hall added.
10 Boundary added
11 Boundary and barangay hall added
13 Barangay newly mapped
15 Barangay and boundary mapped.
16 Almost complete along P. Burgos and Rizal Avenue. Some buildings still missing.
17 Government offices are mostly complete, with some clean-up on the name of the city hall. Boundary added. Some places still missing, especially along Rizal Avenue. Addresses still needed to be added on many places
18 Many buildings and places still missing.
19 Barangay hall added. Most buildings missing. Boundary added. Names of main streets needs to be changed or modified. Several roads are unnamed.
20 Boundary added
21 Newly added. Needs more buildings
22 Boundary added. POI's and buildings nearly complete.

Other barangays

Barangay/area Status Remarks
Alangilan Car (3/4)Labelled (3/4)Wheelchair (0/4)Transport (3/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (1/4)Restaurant (2/4)Routing (1/4) Road network mostly complete. Boundary relation added. Needs more land use, buildings, and POI's.
Balagtas Car (2/4)Labelled (1/4)Transport (1/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (2/4)Restaurant (1/4)Routing (2/4) Few places added. Road network mostly complete. Needs more land use, buildings, and POI's. Needs boundary relation.
Cuta Sitios officially designated by the barangay added.


The current city boundary is lately mapped as this relation:relation 6185647


The Poblacion (city proper or downtown), divided into smaller numbered barangays, is mapped as this boundary:relation 6309134

Barangay boundaries

Current barangay boundaries being mapped.

Poblacion barangays

The barangays forming the Poblacion (see boundary above), are mapped as these relations:

Sitio boundaries

Current sitios with boundaries mapped are as follows:




Priority tasks

  • Places and buildings (includes houses, commercial buildings, etc.)
  • Street names and roads
  • Transport network
  • Administrative boundaries (city, barangay, sitio)
  • Electric power infrastructure (Meralco, NGCP, BATELEC-II) , especially sub-transmission and distribution lines, poles, and distribution transformers.
  • Woodland areas and residential areas
  • 3D mapping (see details)

Barangays, and sitios/puroks and subdivisions

The first barangays of Batangas City are mostly mapped from local knowledge and surveys, but others are based on data added by Batangas City LGU employees on one mapping project from March and April 2017. Barangays on the Poblacion area are under "Poblacion", instead of being listed individually. Sitios/puroks mapped may or may not be officially designated by the barangays (those officially designated may have a sign placed by the barangays, but named areas used by locals in speech may need to be verified, especially those lacking signed evidence of official recognition by the barangay). Subdivisions/residential areas, though preferably mapped as land use rather than a node (some designated by barangays as sitios), are considered divisions of the barangays, and are also included.

  • Alangilan
    • Beredo Village
    • Sitio Calumpang
    • Camella Batangas
    • De Joya Compound
    • Golden Country Village
    • Nueva Villa
    • St. Peter Subdivision
    • Sterling Subdivision
  • Balagtas
    • Buenafe Country Villas
    • [Sitio] Magalang
    • [Sitio] Pagkakaisa (Tramo)
    • [Sitio] 5
  • Balete
    • Balete Relocation Site
  • Banaba Central
  • Banaba East
  • Banaba North
  • Banaba South
  • Banaba West
  • Bilogo
  • Bolbok
    • Bolbok Flyover
    • Rimas
    • Lourdes Subdivision
  • Bucal
  • Calicanto
    • Abacan Subdivision
    • Sitio Bagoongan
    • Calicanto Crossing
    • Lawas
    • Tramo
  • Catandala
  • Concepcion
  • Conde Itaas
  • Conde Labac
  • Cumba
  • Cuta
    • Bilibid
    • Central
    • Duluhan (Cuta East)
    • De Joya
    • Gerason
    • Sitio Maligaya
  • Dalig
  • Dela Paz Proper
    • [Sitio] Kuro
  • Dela Paz Pulot Aplaya
  • Dumantay
  • Dumuclay East
  • Dumuclay West
  • Guinto East
  • Guinto West
  • Gulod Itaas
  • Gulod Labac
  • Haligue Kanluran
  • Haligue Silangan
  • Ilijan
  • Kumintang Ibaba
    • Arce Subdivision
    • De Joya Subdivision
    • Don Ramos
    • Ferry
    • Hilltop
    • RK Homes
  • Kumintang Ilaya
  • Libjo
    • D'Hope (Central)
    • Lamao (Lam-ao)
    • Mercedes Homes
    • St. Paula Homes
    • Taliwasa
    • Tangisan
  • Lilinggiwan
  • Mabacong
  • Mahabang Dalihig
  • Mahacot
  • Malalim
  • Malibayo
  • Malitam
  • Maruclap
  • Matoco?
  • Pagkilatan
    • Monte Maria
  • Paharang*
  • Pallocan West (Pallocan Kanluran)
    • G.C. Berberabe Subdivision
    • GSIS Tierra Verde
    • Potenciana Village
  • Pallocan East (Pallocan Silangan)
  • Pinamucan Silangan (Piit)
  • Pinamucan Bayanan
  • Pinamucan Ibaba
  • Pinamucan Proper
    • Purok 1 (Uno)
    • Purok 2 (Dos)
  • Poblacion
    • 1
      • Mount View Park
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • 11
    • 12
    • 13
    • 14
    • 15
    • 16
    • 17
    • 18
    • 19
      • Macatangay Subdivision
      • Purok 6
    • 20
    • 21
    • 22
    • 23
      • Railroad Station (Maselang)
    • 24
  • Sampaga
  • San Isidro
    • Avida Residences San Isidro
    • Robinsons Subdivision
    • San Isidro Village
    • Shell Housing
  • San Jose Sico
  • San Miguel
  • San Pedro
    • [Sitio] Pulo
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Rita Karsada
  • Santa Rita Aplaya
  • Santo Domingo
  • Santo Niño
  • Sirang Lupa
    • Sitio Animas
    • Sitio Gitna
    • Sitio Kanluran
    • Sitio Silangan
  • Simlong
    • [Sitio] Kulayo
  • Sorosoro Ibaba
  • Sorosoro Ilaya
  • Sorosoro Karsada
  • Tabangao Ambulong
    • [Sitio] Curva
  • Tabangao Aplaya
  • Tabangao Dao
  • Tabangao Proper
  • Tinga Ibaba
  • Tinga Ilaya
  • Tulo
  • Wawa
    • Badjao Community
  1. Italics indicates an unmapped barangay or sitio/purok/subdivision
  2. *indicates that this is possibly two barangays.
  3. ? indicates that it may not be a barangay (likely a Sitio rather than a barangay)


Though still not having the high-rises and skyscrapers Metro Manila has now, 3D mapping is being introduced to the city, for 3D renderings of the city

Current work in 3D mapping is particularly in Poblacion. One main job is tagging the number of storeys or heights of buildings, basing on local knowledge, surveys, and photos. 3D tags, under the Simple 3D buildings scheme, are added after, basing also on aerial imagery (particularly those that are too high) and local knowledge, survey and photos (for building colors, also for roof details where they are easily visible).

Current detailed 3D mapping efforts are being done on this places:

  • Poblacion
    • Commercial buildings at P. Burgos
    • Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and associated area (partially complete)
    • City Hall complex (done for the main building and the Gusaling Pangkalikasan and Pangkaligtasan)
    • St. Bridget College and University of Batangas - Elementary Department (partially complete)
    • Commercial buildings along M.H. del Pilar (started)
    • Golden Gate Colleges (Integrated school only)
    • Saint Patrick's Hospital
    • Divine Child School
    • Batangas National High School (started)
  • Pallocan West
    • SM City Batangas
    • Commercial areas along Manuela Pastor Avenue

Important POIs

Schools, colleges, and universities


  • Batangas City South Elementary School
  • Batangas City East Elementary School
  • Batangas National High School
    • CALABARZON Regional Science High School
  • Batangas State University
  • University of Batangas - Elementary Department
  • Golden Gate Colleges (Integrated School)
  • Batangas Hope Christian School
  • Divine Child School
  • Scuola Maria (then, Immaculate Heart of Mary School)
  • St. Bridget College
  • Golden Gate Colleges

Kumintang Ibaba

  • Lyceum Philippines University Batangas
  • University of Batangas
  • Jesus the Anointed One School
  • Good Shepherd Christian School
  • Royal Orchid Academy
  • Beacon of Christ Learning Institute

Kumintang Ilaya

  • Kumintang Ilaya Elementary School


  • Alangilan Central Elementary School
  • Alangilan Senior High School
  • Batangas State University - Alangilan Campus
  • Marian Learning Center and Science High School
  • Casa del Bambino Montessori School
  • Maranatha Christian Academy (Batangas City Chapter)
  • Batangas Christian School


  • Balagtas Elementary School


  • Calicanto Elementary School


  • Bolbok Elementary School
  • Bolbok Elementary School Annex
  • Princeton Science School
  • Divine Child Academy
  • AMA Computer College Batangas

Santa Clara

  • Santa Clara Elementary School
  • Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Batangas


  • Jose A. Pastor Memorial Elementary School
  • Batangas Kipsi Memorial School
  • Lyceum International Maritime Academy


  • Malitam Elementary School


  • Wawa Elementary School

Pallocan West

  • Jose Pastor Elementary School
  • St. Therese of the Child Jesus Multiple Intelligence School
  • Carmel School of Batangas

Gulod Labac

  • Sunhill Montessori Casa
  • Lyceum Philippines University Batangas High School

Gulod Itaas

  • Gulod Elementary School
  • Gulod Senior High School

Pallocan East

  • Pallocan Elementary School
  • Stonyhurst Southville International School
  • Waldorf School of Batangas


  • Libjo Elementary School
  • Libjo National High School
  • St. Peter D'Rock School

Places of worship

Roman Catholic

  • Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
  • Parish of the Most Holy Trinity
  • St. Mary Euphrasia Parish
  • Santa Rita Parish
  • San Isidro Labrador Parish
  • Monte Maria Batangas

Iglesia ni Cristo

  • Lokal ng Balete
  • Lokal ng Batangas City

Baptist churches

  • Good Shepherd Baptist Church

United Church of Christ in the Philippines

  • United Church of Christ in the Philippines (P. Burgos corner C. Tirona, Poblacion)

Seventh-day Adventist

  • Seventh-day Adventist Church (Poblacion)
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church (Banaba West)

Jehovah's Witness

  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses (Bolbok)

Latter-day Saints (Mormon)

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Other Christian churches

  • Jesus is Lord Church
  • Jesus the Anointed One Church


  • Batangas Medical Center
  • Jesus of Nazareth Hospital
  • Saint Patrick's Hospital
  • United Doctors of St. Camillus de Lellis Hospital
  • Batangas Health Specialist's Medical Center


  • Plaza Mabini
  • Batangas Provincial Community Park
  • Laurel Park


  • Batangas Provincial Capitol
  • Batangas City Hall
  • Batangas City Police
  • Batangas City Jail
  • City Engineering Office
  • TESDA Region IV-A
  • Department of Public Works and Highways - Batangas 3rd District Engineering Office
  • Philippine Ports Authority


  • Bay City Mall
  • Nuciti Central
  • SM City Batangas

Commercial areas

  • Caedo Commercial Center


  • SM Hypermarket
  • Citimart (2 stores)
  • SM Supermarket
  • Puregold
  • Budget Lane

Public markets

  • Batangas Municipal Market ("Luma")
  • Jose Pastor Memorial Market ("Bago")
  • Libjo Talipapa

Public transport terminals

  • Batangas Port
  • Batangas City Grand Terminal

Chain stores

Fast food

  • Jollibee (7 restaurants)
  • McDonald's (5 restaurants)
  • Chowking (3 restaurants)
  • KFC (2 stores)
  • Mang Inasal (2 stores)
  • Greenwich (1 restaurant)
  • Burger King (1 restaurant)


  • Shakey's (2 branches)
  • Pizza Hut (1 branch)

Coffee shops

  • Starbucks (1 store)
  • Bo's Coffee (1 store)

Convenience stores

  • 7-Eleven (16 stores)
  • Ministop (3 branches)
  • Alfamart (2 branches)

Drug stores/pharmacies

National franchises

  • The Generics Pharmacy (6 stores)
  • Mercury Drug (5 stores)
  • South Star Drug (3 stores, mostly former Chavez Pharmacy locations)
  • Farmacia ni Dok (1 store)
  • Generika (1 store)

Local franchises

  • BP Generic Express (6 store)
  • L.B. Borbon Pharmacy (1 store)


  • BDO (6 branches)
  • BPI (4 branches)
  • Metrobank (4 branches)
  • PSBank (2 branches)
  • Security Bank (2 branches)
  • PNB (2 branches)
  • Bank of Commerce (2 branches)
  • Card SME Bank (2 branches)
  • Landbank (2 branches)
  • LDB (2 branches)
  • AUB (1 branch)
  • Banco Kabayan (1 branch)
  • Chinabank (1 branch)
  • China Bank Savings (1 branch)
  • PNB Savings Bank (1 branch)
  • RCBC (1 branch)
  • RCBC Savings Bank (1 branch)
  • UCPB (1 branch)
  • Bank of Makati (1 branch)
  • Citystate Savings Bank (1 branch)
  • DBP (1 branch)
  • Maxbank (1 branch)
  • PBCom (1 branch)
  • Philtrust Bank (1 branch)
  • Planbank (1 branch)
  • Tanay Rural Bank (1 branch)
  • TRBI (1 branch)
  • Veteran's Bank (1 branch)


  • Cebuana Lhuiller (3 branches)
  • M. Lhuiller (2 branches)
  • Villarica (2 stores)

Book stores

  • National Bookstore (2 stores)
  • Pandayan (1 store)

Gas stations

  • Petron (7 locations)
  • Shell (5+1 locations)
  • Caltex (3 locations)
  • Total (3 locations)
  • Phoenix (1 location)
  • PTT (1 location)