Spruce Grove

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Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

latitude: 53.5453, longitude: -113.9047
Browse map of Spruce Grove 53°32′43.08″ N, 113°54′16.92″ W
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Spruce Grove is a city in Alberta, Canada at latitude 53°32′43.08″ North, longitude 113°54′16.92″ West.

This page contains information related to mapping activity specific to the city of Spruce Grove, in Alberta, Canada.

Current progress

Much of Spruce Grove is now complete, except for many missing buildings, POIs, and land use. Most of the road network are now complete, but addition of roads in the retail centres and elsewhere is yet to be done. Much of the retail centres along Highway 16A has been already mapped, but required remapping, as parts of all of them have nodes that overlap with those on roads surrounding it. Some commercial centres currently being mapped are now mapped with no nodes shared with the surrounding roads. Schools are currently being remapped as areas and with further detail (such as school buildings, playgrounds, parking lots, and basketball courts/soccer fields).



Here is a suggested guide for road classification in Spruce Grove. Classification of roads in Spruce Grove generally follow the guidelines for Alberta.

  • Motorway - Highway 16/Yellowhead Highway (though outside the city's corporate limits)
  • Trunk - none (see page for Alberta)
  • Primary - Highway 16A (Parkland Highway)
  • Secondary - City-maintained arterials that have 60 km/h speed limits and are divided roads.
  • Tertiary -
    • Urban: Smaller arterial roads, typically undivided roads with painted lines
    • Rural: Frequently travelled range roads
  • Unclassified -
    • Rural - Unnumbered rural roads
    • Urban - Named access roads in commercial and industrial areas, main roads in residential subdivisions (usually designated snow routes), roads in City Centre except McLeod Avenue.
  • Residential - roads typically used for local access to subdivisions.
  • Service - back alleys, roads in parking areas (especially in retail centres, big box stores, and apartment complexes).


Schools are best mapped as a polygonal way, except in situations where the physical boundary cannot be seen in the existing imagery, of if having no time to map those. As of January 2018, most of the schools are represented by nodes, but most are being remapped as a polygonal way matching the school's physical boundary, demarcated by fences.

Except for private schools, most schools preferably should get an operator=* tag. Catholic separate schools operated by the Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division (whose schools have names of saints and end with Catholic School/High School) are tagged with operator=Evergreen Catholic Schools, while the public schools operated by Parkland School Division #70 are tagged with operator=Parkland School Division.