San Pedro, Laguna

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City of San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

latitude: 14.368, longitude: 121.0493
Browse map of City of San Pedro 14°22′04.80″ N, 121°02′57.48″ E
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City of San Pedro is a city in Laguna, Philippines at latitude 14°22′04.80″ North, longitude 121°02′57.48″ East.

Why to map?

  • San Pedro is one of Laguna's main population centers. Its close proximity to Metro Manila makes the city the gateway to CALABARZON. It gained the city status after a December 2013 plebiscite.
  • Most of the city still lacks coverage, especially some subdivisions and relocation sites.
  • Some places are added, but with incomplete data, such as schools, where they are already mapped, but they do not have names. Ground surveys may be needed to complete those data.
  • The administrative boundaries of San Pedro is still incorrect. Several residential areas seem to be both in Biñan, but, the whole is actually within the limits of San Pedro. Before The Glens at Park Spring (mapped as part of Park Spring) is being mapped using Mapbox and ground surveys, the limits of San Pedro and Dasmariñas City is being on the location of the development, but it is actually being in a creek (some parts of that administrative boundary still needs to be changed to follow that creek)(This is already fixed)

Mapping progress

Mapping work is done slowly. City boundaries are nearly fixed, with the boundary near Pacita I needs fixing. Some barangays (some added after the July 2015 plebiscite) are missing. Mapping are mainly concentrated on San Antonio, Poblacion, and Landayan. Barangay boundaries are being added slowly, starting with San Antonio and San Vicente.

San Antonio

The area near Puregold and San Pedro Town Center is nearly complete. Many private schools, such as Cittadini School (formerly Caterina and Giuditta Cittadini School) and Sisters of Mary Immaculate School (abbreviated as SMIS), are added. Updated Adelina Complex, with additions of schools and barangay hall extension office.

Mapping of Southville 3A started, with a few roads added. Adelina I schools are mapped. Place additions are made slowly.

Portions of Meralco's 34.5 kV and 20 kV lines added, mostly along Magsaysay Road.

San Vicente

Boundary of barangay added. Barangay hall added. More local updates being done. (As of 2017)


Survey done. Barangay boundary added. Schools added.


Buildings are almost added. The new City Hall still needs to be remapped using GPS traces or ground survey. Many places are still missing.


Updates are done using Mapbox imagery and a survey. Many places have been added now. Places along the National Highway are slowly added. Meralco 115 kV, 34.5 kV and 20 kV lines added along National Highway.

Pacita I (separated from San Vicente after July 2015 plebiscite)

Ground survey done, with a addition of some convenience stores. Road names corrected partially.

Some problems include some residential areas being in Biñan, and their boundaries need to be moved so those residential area is within San Pedro. Many places and buildings still missing.

Pacita II (separated from San Vicente after July 2015 plebiscite)

Approximate barangay boundary added. Some street names added (actually redoing mobile edits made by some users)


Mapping efforts are being hastened after July 2017 survey. Missing road names and POIs are slowly being added. (As of July 2017)


Many places, street names, and schools are still missing. Ground survey needed


Survey done, but only on Chrysanthemum Avenue. Added few places. Fix speed limit (30 kph enforced within Chrysanthemum)


Some places are missing. Many street names are missing. Adding those names are made difficult by gated subdivisions that restrict access to sticker holders or residents.


Places are slowly added. Buildings are being realigned slowly.


Many places and street names are missing. Ground survey needed.

San Roque

Some road names missing. Many places and buildings are missing.


The city boundaries have been fixed between Dasmarinas, Cavite and Binan. The city's boundary relation is: relation 1552543

Barangay boundaries

Barangay boundaries are started to be added for San Pedro, starting with San Antonio and San Vicente. Boundaries being mapped are as follows:

Sitio/purok boundaries

Sitio boundaries are being slowly added, especially on the San Antonio area

Progress by feature type


Most roads have been mapped, but there is still some roads in Langgam to be added. Some of the major roads mapped are as follows.

  • National Highway (Daang Maharlika)
  • South Luzon Expressway
  • Magsaysay Road
  • A. Mabini
  • Maharlika Street
  • San Vicente Road
  • Hernandez Street
  • Pacita Avenue


(As of July 2017) Some of the Roman Catholic churches and parishes are as follows:

  • Saint Peter the Apostle Parish (Poblacion)
  • Christ The King Parish (GSIS Village)
  • Our Lady of Fatima Parish (Fatima)
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Parish (United San Pedro Subdivision, San Antonio)
  • San Vicente Ferrer Parish (San Vicente)
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Church
  • Santo Rosario Parish (Pacita 2)
  • Santo Sepulcro Parish (Landayan)
  • Holy Rosary Parish (Rosario)
  • Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish (Laram)

Schools, colleges, and universities

Most of the schools and colleges have been mapped, but some are still missing; however, Maps.Me users added some schools and unnamed ones. Below is a list of schools and colleges (by barangay) mapped in OSM. Notes about each school can be seen in parentheses.

San Antonio

As of October 2016 and July 2017

  • Cittadini School (named as Caterina and Giuditta Cittadini School from 2005 to 2013)
  • Sisters of Mary Immaculate School
  • San Lorenzo School
  • Laguna Northwestern College
  • IETI (branch campus)
  • United Montessorean School
  • Adelina I National High School
  • Adelina Complex Elementary School
  • San Antonio Elementary School
  • San Pedro Evangelical Church School (operated by United Church of Christ in the Philippines)
  • Treasured Gems Christian Academy
  • Strong Tower Christian Academy
  • Lord's Shepherd School
  • Adelina I National High School Southville 4A Annex


As of January 2017

  • Greatland School of San Pedro
  • Our Lady of Lourdes School of San Pedro
  • Cuyab Elementary School


As of February 2017

  • San Pedro Central Elementary School
  • Liceo de San Pedro
  • ACLC
  • Casa Blanca Montessori

Santo Niño

As of January 2017

  • Santo Niño Elementary School

San Roque

As of January 2017

  • San Roque Elementary School

San Vicente

As of July 2017

  • St. Louis Anne Colleges - Annex
  • Amazing Grace School
  • Early Readers Montessori
  • St. Paul Montessori School


As of April 2016

  • Jesus the Risen Savior School
  • Diwalan Christian Academy


As of March/April 2016

  • San Pedro Relocation Center National High School
  • Landayan Elementary School
  • Franciscus Academy


As of 2015

  • Saint Francis Institute of Computer Studies
  • St. Peter Academy
  • San Pedro College of Business Administration
  • St. Louis Anne Colleges - National Highway


As of April 2017

  • St. Louis Anne Colleges
  • Bright Life Learning Center
  • San Pedro Technological Institute
  • Kidstar Learning Center

Pacita I and II

As of April 2017

  • Casa del Nino Montessori School
  • Laguna Northwestern College - Pacita
  • Colegio de San Pedro
  • Pacita Complex Elementary School
  • Pacita Complex National High School (including annex)
  • Hadassah Academy
  • Malasaga Institute of Technology


As of 2015

  • Our Lady of Assumption College (former Maria de Asuncion College)
  • Mater Ecclesiae School


As of July 2017

  • IETI
  • Vian Rechel Academy
  • Divine Gift School

United Bayanihan

As of July 2017

  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines - San Pedro
  • Laguna Relocation Community School
  • Upper Villages Christian Academy


As of July 2017

  • San Pedro Relocation Center National High School
  • Jesus the Faithful Savior Christian School
  • United Montessorean School (branch campus)

Missing schools (some are already added as polygons, but still lack the name=* tag. Most needs a physical survey)(slashed names means that they are now mapped).


As of January 2016

  • Agnus Dei School (possibly on Quezon Street)
San Antonio

As of May 2017

  • San Antonio Elementary School
  • Infant Jesus Montessori Center (inside Camella Woodhills)(able to find an ad by the school providing it's address, but with the street name missing, extrapolating it's location it still needs the street name provided.)
San Vicente

As of July 2017

  • St. Paul Montessori Center (on St. Joseph Village 1, accessible via a road from San Vicente Road) Now added.
  • Ark of the Covenant School
  • San Vicente Elementary School

As of January 2016

  • Jesus the Risen Savior School
  • Sampaguita National High School

As of 2016

  • ACLC (located near a bridge segment of A. Mabini Street. To be added soon) Now added
Pacita I and II

As of January 2016

  • way 142690702(Colegio de San Pedro)(needs ground verification) Name added by re-doing mobile edit made via Maps.Me
  • way 142690724(Pacita Complex National High School)(needs ground verification) Local user added name
  • Catholic School of Pacita
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary School

As of July 2017

  • San Pedro Calungsod Montessori and Science School (found on July 2017 survey, needs only mapping)
  • Magsaysay Elementary School (can be located through aerial imagery, basing on location of sign, used as reference point, on Magsaysay Avenue, during July 2017 survey)

As of July 2017

  • Jesus, the Rock of All Ages, Christian School

As of July 2017

  • Jesus the Faithful Savior Christian School (found on July 2017 survey, needs only mapping)Now mapped.
  • Saint Maria Goretti School (in St. Joseph Village)
  • Holy Child Integrated School (found on July 2017 survey, needs only mapping)

Supermarkets and marketplaces

As of April 2016 Some of the supermarkets and marketplaces mapped are as follows (Parentheses indicates branches, if multiple stores exist)

  • Puregold (San Pedro and Pacita branches)
  • San Pedro Town Center
  • Super8
  • Suki Market
  • San Roque Supermarket
  • Savemore Market
  • Shopwise
  • Robinsons Supermarket
  • Rey-sal Supermarket
  • R&S Supermarket
  • Ever Supermarket
  • Wellcome
  • San Roque Supermarket

Chain stores

Convenience stores

(as of September 2017)

  • 7-Eleven - 11 branches
  • Alfamart - 6 branches (1 under construction in Father Masi Street corner Taal Vista, Holiday Hills)
  • Ministop - 5 branches
  • All Day Convenience Store - 1 branch
  • Mightee Mart - 1 branch
  • San Mig Food Ave (including rebranded Petron's Treats stores) - 1 branch

Fast food and restaurants

  • Jollibee - 3 branches
  • McDonald's - 3 branches
  • Chowking - 2 branches
  • KFC - 2 branches
  • Mang Inasal - 2 branches
  • Greenwich - 1 branch
  • Max's - 1 branch
  • Pizza Hut - 1 branch


  • BDO - 4 branches
  • PNB - 3 branches
  • BPI - 2 branches
  • PSBank - 2 branches
  • Security Bank - 2 branches
  • Bank of Commerce - 1 branch
  • BPI Family Savings Bank - 1 branch
  • Card SME Bank - 1 branch
  • China Bank Savings (former Plantersbank) - 1 branch
  • Eastwest Unibank - 1 branch
  • Philippine Business Bank - 1 branch
  • RCBC - 1 branch
  • UCPB - 1 branch
  • Unionbank - 1 branch
  • WPB - 1 branch

Gas stations

As of October 2017

  • Petron - 3 branches
  • Caltex - 2 branches
  • Fuel Express - 2 branches
  • Total - 2 branches
  • Gasso - 1 branch


  • Generika - 6 branches
  • Mercury Drug - 6 branches
  • The Generics Pharmacy - 5 branches
  • Farmacia ni Dok - 1 branch
  • Rose Pharmacy - 1 branch
  • Watson's - 1 branch