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I have been busy mapping for most of the time, especially when it is vacation time.


Task Estimated time period Status Notes Map link
Batangas City: massive data fixing and additions (one-ways, missing streets, places, and street names, incorrect names, etc.) Many places added using a variety of sources (knowledge, photos, videos, surveys, etc) May-July 2015 Mostly complete One-ways added. Several missing streets and street names have been added. [1]
Park Spring (Phases 1 and 2): street names August 2015 Complete Street names completed. [2]
Commonwealth Avenue:lane count and southbound bus lanes December 2015 Missing lane count on some segments added. Bus lanes on southbound Commonwealth Avenue (Regalado Avenue-Ayala Technohub) added. Destinations yet to be added.
Nagcarlan, Liliw, and Majayjay, Laguna: Barangay, sitio, and purok mapping April 2016 Partially complete Most barangays and several puroks and sitios added. The rest to be done by other mappers (including data fixes). [3]
The Glens at Park Spring: roads January 2016 (survey), April 2016 (changes) Nearly complete Road network now nearly complete. Several roads are traceable from DigitalGlobe imagery (via Mapbox Satellite). Newer Mapbox imagery were released in mid-2016 and roads were corrected. Names added after street signs are added on the roads [4]
Camella Colina: remapping of roads April 2016 Complete Roads re-mapped via DigitalGlobe imagery (via Mapbox Satellite). Names need to be added (some noted to be added via MAPS.ME) [5]
Philippine National Railways: railroad duplication, mapping of Tutuban railyards, and tracks of Carmona branch line near Fatima and Nueva. September 2015-May 2016 Complete Alabang station side track added. Double track at San Pedro added. Espana-Tutuban gap filled up.


Task Status Notes
Batangas City mapping Ongoing Barangay boundaries added.

Priority areas: Poblacion, Cuta, Pallocan West, Balagtas, Alangilan, Diversion Road

Some power lines (69 kV sub-transmission networks by NGCP, Meralco, and BATELEC-II) added. Meralco's 13.8 kV distribution network (lines/overhead cables, poles, transformers, switches) mapped in Poblacion area and partially in Cuta.

Noticeable increase in buildings occured in the peak of Batangas building mapping for Project NOAH-ISAIAH by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Rural area mapping started, along with local users.

San Pedro, Laguna: barangay, sitio, and purok boundaries Partially complete Latest boundary added: Cuyab.

San Antonio barangay boundary fixed.

Indoor maps Currently incomplete SM Center Muntinlupa map near completion (needs a few modifications, like removing closed places and pedestrian re-routing for mall expansion) SM City Batangas map partly complete (needs more surveys to complete). SM City Lipa map started. Expansion of Festival Mall added, with some updates of POI's on existing buildings. Partial indoor maps for Robinsons Galleria and Venice Grand Canal Mall added.
Putatan, Muntinlupa: place and address mapping Partially complete Priority area: Lakeview, National Road

Most places added. Address data still few. Added address data on Rosal Street, Lakeview. Updates along Estanislao Street, like developing commercial areas

Turn lanes/lane assist tags Started Turn lanes on expressway exits added.
Replacing of nodes of places occupying areas with polygons, (e.g. schools, subdivisions) Started Schools are mostly polygonized on San Pedro, Laguna and Muntinlupa (a few to be polygonized soon). Subdivisions on San Pedro, Laguna are mostly polygonized (i.e. drawn as ways with landuse=residential tag.)
LRT-1, LRT-2, MRT-3: double-tracking and adding of sidings and track switches Started LRT-1 double-tracked and switches added near Baclaran, Pasay depot, and Central Station. MRT-3 duplicated near Taft Avenue Station.
Meralco/NGCP power line mapping Ongoing Sucat-Binan power line along Philippine National Railways right-of-way almost completed (although few sections of that line in Binan has been added in the past). Sub-transmission lines (69 kV) owned by NGCP, Meralco, and Batangas Electric Cooperative II/BATELEC II around Batangas City added.
Pasig/Taguig: missing barangay boundaries Ongoing Taguig barangay boundaries and nodes almost completed. Boundary of Rosario, Pasig, added. The rest to be completed.
Quezon City: district mapping Started Nodes of some known districts pre-added. Cubao, La Loma, Santa Mesa Heights, and Bago Bantay boundaries added.
EDSA: road destinations, lane count, and separated bus lanes (Shaw-Guadalupe)(Guadalupe-Estrella-Rockwell) Incomplete Missing lane count on some parts of EDSA. Road destinations by lane or overall partially added, especially on Pasay Road-Ayala segment.
Transmission/subtransmission line mapping in North Luzon Ongoing Major power lines in Ilocos Region almost added. Some substations and switchgear added. Power lines and substations in Cagayan Valley partially done (69 kV network cannot be easily mapped because of imagery quality). Some 230 kV lines by NGCP in Pangasinan (mapped by Bahnpirat and voltage tagged is 220 kV) now have 230 kV as voltage tagged. Gaps or missing lines still need to be added
Transmission tower/subtransmission pole tagging Ongoing Tower designs and types mostly added on newly mapped power lines, usually 230 kV transmission lines by NGCP, 115 kV sub-transmission networks by Meralco and NGCP (in Cavite), and 69 kV sub-transmission networks by NGCP, Meralco (in Batangas City), and some provincial electric cooperatives.

Alphanumeric reference numbers and designs (usually flag-type or triangle-type and not including designs/cross-arms and insulators used to hold lower voltage lines, like 34.5 or 13.8 kV distribution lines) on Meralco sub-transmission poles added on some areas, usually by ground survey. Reference numbers on NGCP/Transco towers partially added, like on Makban - Biñan and Muntinlupa - Biñan transmission lines, through survey and interpolation. Retagging of subtransmission poles from power=tower to power=pole ongoing.

Electricity distribution network mapping Ongoing Meralco distribution lines in San Pedro, Laguna, Muntinlupa, Batangas City, and Las Piñas added, including poles, transformers, underground/overhead cables, and other components (distribution substations and metering transformers for large power users, and voltage regulator banks on some lines). Distribution lines, usually 13.2 kV, by some provincial electric cooperatives (e.g. BATELEC-II, ISECO) added.
Plantersbank to China Bank Savings - Retag all "Plantersbank" or "Planters Bank" branches to "China Bank Savings" per merger announcement by Chinabank. partial (others to be done by User:Ianlopez1115(OSM account:User icon 2.svgianlopez1115 (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.) after proposal for a mechanical edit is approved) First edits in Metro Manila (see changeset 44783311 (View, achavi, OSMCha))
Transmission line mapping in Mindanao (138 and 69 kV) Transmission lines in Bukidnon and Davao City added. Tagged voltages of transmission lines around Agus Hydroelectric Complex in Iligan. Lines around Cagayan de Oro nearly mapped. Lines in SOCCSKSARGEN still being mapped, with difficulty finding transmission lines in existing aerial imagery. In cooperation with David Groom ("Dmgroom", or [ "dmgroom_ct")