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These are the tagging of Philippines-specific places. For a broad explanation of tags for Philippines-specific places, please refer to Philippines/Mapping conventions.


  • Names should not contain descriptors, unless lacking them makes the name senseless
  • Branch names should be tagged on branch=*
  • Colloquial names should not be used as the main name. Instead, tag them as alt_name=*.
  • In cases of places that changed their name from full name to abbreviated name (like Banco de Oro rebranded as BDO, or Kentucky Fried Chicken rebranded as KFC), the full name must be tagged as official_name=*(if less used) or alt_name=*(if still in common use, like the case of BPI, where signs call them also Bank of the Philippine Islands, although the former is in common use).


Government buildings

Type Picture Tags Description/Notes Common terms and Tagalog/Filipino translation
Provincial capitol kapitolyo
City hall/Municipal hall amenity=townhall

name=(City/Municipality name) City/Municipal Hall or the name on the sign ([City/Municipal name] Barangay Hall is generic and optional, and may be replaced with a name that can be seen outside the building. See this examples: Bahay Pamahalaan, Lungsod ng Batangas and Pamahalaang Bayan ng Rosario, both in Batangas)

This is the location of the city or municipal government offices. Sometimes, a city/municipal hall may have multiple buildings, forming a complex. munisipyo
Barangay hall amenity=townhall

name=(Barangay name/Barangay [number]) Barangay Hall([Barangay name/number] Barangay Hall is generic and optional, and may be replaced with a name that can be seen outside the real building.)

Center of the barangay government.

Educational facilities (schools, colleges, and universities

Type Picture Tags Description/Notes Common terms or Tagalog (Filipino) translation
Day care center amenity=kindergarten They are normally maintained and operated by the local government (city/municipality or barangay) and provide education to children before school age. day care
Elementary school amenity=school They are mainly maintained and operated by local divisions of the Department of Education (DepEd). They provide education on children between 5 to 12 years of age. paaralang elementarya
High school amenity=school Mostly maintained by local divisions of the Department of Education. They provide education from Grade 7 (formerly 1st Year) to Grade 10 (formerly 4th Year). HS, hayskul, mataas na paaralan.
College amenity=college They are primarily privately owned and operated, and provide higher education. kolehiyo
University amenity=university pamantasan, unibersidad
Private schools amenity=school They are privately-operated schools where a student's admission is made through payment of a tuition fee. They may range from small school buildings to complexes composed of multiple buildings and sometimes have open areas.
Catholic/parochial schools amenity=school

religion=christian denomination=roman_catholic

They are schools owned by a local Roman Catholic parish or a Roman Catholic diocese or archdiocese. Also, they practice Catholic religious education and teaches Catholic doctrines. Admission usually requires being a Catholic in addition to tuition fees
Vocational/technical schools amenity=school They provide technical or vocational courses for students who finished high school.
Driving school amenity=driving_school They teach basic driving skills and rules to drivers or people who want to drive a motor vehicle.
Seminaries/convents amenity=school Places where priest and nuns are trained for church service.

Food and drink

Type Tags Description/Notes Picture Examples
Fast food amenity=fast_food


These sells food that is quickly served. Usually, they are chain stores. 08368jfSan Jose Poblacion Tenejero College Capitol Drive Balanga City Bataanfvf 09.JPG Jollibee, McDonalds, KFC, Chowking
Restaurants amenity=restaurant


These sells food that are not served quickly. Usually, they have menus that shows the food the restaurant serves and have waiters who serve the food. Payment is usually made after the customer finished eating. They also include rooms or spaces for events. MalateManilajf7836 07.JPG Max's, Hap Chan, The Aristocrat
Buffet restaurants amenity=restaurant


They sell a variety of food, drinks, and desserts where the customer serves themselves and eat what they can, and payment is done after eating. Commonly referred to as "eat-all-you-can". Vikings, Yakimix, Sambokojin
Eatery amenity=restaurant Small food stalls selling home-cooked local food (lutong bahay). Mostly found in the vicinity of residential barangays or beside highways in rural areas.
Food/drink kiosks shop=kiosk Small businesses that sells food or drinks on large areas, like on malls, parks, or concourse areas of LRT and MRT stations. Master Siomai, Waffle Time, Zagu, Foss Coffee


Type Tags Description Image Examples
Drugstore amenity=pharmacy These stores mostly focuses on selling medicines, but also sells other health care products and food and drinks. JfPulilan9077Crossingfvf 02.JPG Mercury Drug, Watson's, Generika
Herbal health care product sellers Businesses selling herbal/organic health care products


Type Tags Description Image Examples
Sari-sari store shop=convenience Small family-owned businesses selling a set of products that are sold at groceries. They mostly sell canned food, soft drinks, liquor, and cigarettes.
Bazaar/Tiangge shop=department_store Large shopping areas where bargaining is common and primarily sells clothes. Some are inside malls, or temporary or night-time only.
E-cigarette (vape) shops shop=e-cigarette Shops selling e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and related accessories. If the shop also sells cigarettes and related items (lighters, cases, ashtrays), tag it as shop=tobacco


Type Tags Description Image Common terms and Tagalog (Filipino) translation