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This page deals with mapping public transport routes in the Philippines, especially in areas I explored.


Further detail about jeepney routes: User:TagaSanPedroAko/Public Transport/Jeepney routes

Jeepneys, commonly referred as "hari ng kalsada" ("kings of the road"), form part of public transport in the Philippines. These vehicles may run concurrent with bus routes, where they are used for short distances, but may serve as a substitute for buses where they are banned to use certain roads, like the main road, either a national or city road, on a crowded area, and jeepneys may use roads not plied by buses, like roads on residential areas or an area near the downtown/municipal center (Poblacion).

Rail transport (i.e. LRT-1 and LRT-2, MRT-3, PNR Metro Commuter

Further detail about rail transport routes: User:TagaSanPedroAko/Public Transport/Rail transport


Further detail about bus routes: User:TagaSanPedroAko/Public Transport/Bus routes