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This section shows appropriate tagging for roads.

Road classification (revised version of Ian Lopez's tagging scheme for roads)

Name Description Examples Picture Speed (in kilometers per hour/kph)
Motorway Expressways 0766jfHighway Pangasinan Urdaneta Bridges Binalonan Landmarksfvf 03.JPG

JfBulacan9897ChapelMarilaoLiasfvf 22.JPG

60 (minimum); 80 (maximum for trucks and buses); 100 (maximum)
Motorway link Expressway entrance and exit ramps, usually with toll gates. 40 (if legal, tag as maxspeed=*)(if advisory, tag as maxspeed:advisory=*
  • Primary national roads and major urban thoroughfares connecting major cities and administrative areas.
    • Urban areas: typically four-lane roads with a white center line or divided multi-lane roads with a center island.
    • Rural trunk roads may range from two-lane roads to four-lane roads, sometimes the two added lanes are former shoulders.
04180jfChurches Buildings West North Avenue Roads Edsa Barangays Quezon Cityfvf 07.JPG

Muntinlupa City, Tunasan, Maharlika Highway 009.JPG 0036jfWelcome Barangays San Juan Pedro Lapsing Tarlac Moncada Highwayfvf 20.JPG

40-80 (unless signed)
Trunk link Ramps on non-expressway grade roads, slip roads between roads of the same type or below (primary, secondary, tertiary, etc.), and U-turn slots
  • Primary national highways (or sections of) not listed as parts of the core network
GilPuyatLRTjf1278 07.JPG

09188jfPura Victoria Tarlac Farm National Roadfvf 03.JPG

40-60 (unless signed)
Primary link Ramps on roads that does not serve the function of a trunk road, slip roads between roads of the same type or lower (secondary, tertiary, unclassified, etc), and U-turn slots 40-60 (unless signed)
Secondary Secondary importance roads usually connecting barangays with the city/town center. JfBulacan9897ChapelMarilaoLiasfvf 38.JPG

JfSanSimonSanJuanSanPedro7165Pampangafvf 28.JPG

Tertiary Tertiary-importance roads usually serving a barangay or residential area and mostly lined with houses. Collector roads on a populated area. 0275jfSan Pablo Libutad Mexico Pampanga Roads Quezon San Simonfvf 03.JPG 20-40
Unclassified Roads usually serving through traffic on industrial or commercial areas. May occur on rural areas as a less important road on a barangay, usually paralleling a road tagged with highway=tertiary. 20-40
Residential Roads on residential areas. 09827jfBaluga Schools Halls Maestrang Kikay Talavera Ecijafvf 05.JPG 20 (unless signed)
Service Parking lot roads. Roads around malls, industrial areas, or commercial areas, unless it serves as a through route.

The simple guide

  • Motorway:
    • Expressways
  • Trunk:
    • Routes 1-11 (backbone national roads, with exceptions listed below)
    • Route 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 (except portion in Dagupan bypassed by Route 241 and De Venecia Avenue), 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62 (Bacoor-Kawit section only), 64, 65 (except section in Carmona bypassed by Route 651), 66, 68, 69, 70 ,75, 76, 78, 79, 80, and 81
    • Secondary national roads (or segments of) constituting part of the Strong Republic National Highway routes, or those part of the provincial strategic highway systems.
  • Primary:
    • All primary and secondary national roads that are not part of the backbone network and the
    • Tertiary national roads that are major arteries (connects other municipality and complements the trunk highway network).
  • Secondary
    • Tertiary national roads, if it mostly used as a minor artery (complements
    • Provincial roads
    • All city/municipally-maintained roads that function as arterials
  • Tertiary
    • Major barangay roads
  • Unclassified
    • All other through roads that are of minor importance


Access details (revised)

Name Description Examples
access=permissive Roads that permit outside traffic unconditionally. Roads on some subdivisions. Drive-thru of fast-food restaurants.
access=private Roads leading to a private house/lot and usually dead-end Roads running through privately owned land, usually marked with No Trespassing signs.
access=destination Roads only allowing local traffic (bound for the destination, usually with conditions for outsiders) Roads on private subdivisions/residential areas, where a sticker is required for access, unless one is a short-period visitor.
toll=yes Payment is needed for using a road, either by card, ticket, toll barrier, or electronic collection, as in toll roads. All expressways in the Philippines. Not all segments are tolled, like the South Luzon Expressway between Calamba toll plaza and Ayala Greenfield toll plaza. Others have barriers or toll plazas on the entrances only, like the portion of the North Luzon Expressway between Balintawak toll plaza and Bocaue Exit. Do not tag exit ramps without toll gates with toll=yes, and only tag the main expressway and the entrances.

Road route relations

Routes of national roads maintained/designated by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) should be named on the name designated (if the route number represents the whole road route) or, in case, the route number (if route number is divided into differently named roads, e.g. N 120 in Metro Manila). Tertiary roads are to have their relations, unless the designated name matches the signed or local names.

Tag Description Examples/tags
name The route number, in the format E[number] or Route [number]. Add a name in parentheses if the whole route has one known name. E2, Route 1, Route 65, Route 420 (Santa Rosa - Ulat - Tagaytay Road),
ref The signed number of the route. 1, 65, 120, E2
network The route system where the road belongs. For the national highways in the Philippines, the network is the National Highway Network (NHN). PH:nhn
nhn:class The classification of the road by the Department of Public Works and Highways. primary; secondary; tertiary
route The type of road

See User:TagaSanPedroAko/Philippines_Tagging/Roads/Numbered routes for progress on mapping of numbered routes