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Road Classification

Name Description Examples Recommended Speed Limits (in km/h)
Motorway Composed of controlled-access highways and/or limited-access highways like expressways. Usually operated by private entities that are maintained using fees collected from motorists.
Note: Not all tollways/toll roads are motorways and not all motorways are toll roads. An example of this is the Canlubang to Turbina stretch of the South Luzon Expressway.
North Luzon Expressway, South Luzon Expressway (Nichols-Santo Tomas stretch), Metro Manila Skyway, Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, STAR Tollway 60 - 120
Trunk Roads Composed of primary transport backbones (Roads that (inter-)connect regional growth centers and other major islands, roads providing direct access to important centers and other areas vital for regional development and emergencies). EDSA, MacArthur Highway, C-5, Maharlika Highway, Commonwealth Avenue, Marcos Highway (North Luzon), Jose Abad Santos Avenue (Central Luzon), Aguinaldo Highway (Cavite), N6/Bacolod South Road (Negros), N9/highway connecting Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and Pagadian (Mindanao) 60 - 120
Primary Roads Composed of major roads that complements nearby trunk road/s to provide access to all town centers. Usually refers to the main road of a town. Ayala Avenue, Taft Avenue, Candelaria - San Juan Road, Camiling - Paniqui Road 60 - 120
Secondary Roads Composed of minor arterial roads (Roads that complement the town's primary road/s), may link 3 or more barangays. 50 - 80
Tertiary Roads Composed of collector roads (Barangay roads, inter-connected neighborhood roads, main entry/exit point of a very large gated community or sitio). 40 - 70

Unclassified Roads Other roads that are in mixed use or mostly commercial, retail or industrial areas and central business districts. 20-60
Residential Roads All other streets with mostly houses, particularly inside barangays. Usually passable using AUV or jeepney-size vehicles. 20-60
Living streets Streets where jaywalking is the rule rather than the exception. May also indicate streets where local government units permanently tolerate or permit street-commerce, social or tourism activities. Motorists are advised to drive at crawling speed. Does not apply to streets where children play in the middle of the road or narrow streets (3-4 meters wide). 10-30
Service Roads Access roads for places such as car parks, cemeteries, large farms, quarries and mining sites. 10-50
Unknown Roads Other roads (usually paved) that can't be classified. 20-60
*_link Roads Roads that connect to Motorways, Trunk, Primary and Secondary roads U-turn slots within Metro Manila, entrance and exit ramps of expressways. 30-60
Footpaths, Cycleways, Bridleways, Pedestrian Roads Roads that are inaccessible by cars and larger vehicles, but accessible by foot, bicycle, horse or motorcycle. 4-50

Highway relations (NHN)

The following tags are the minimum requirements. Most ways will also have additional information such as street name, lighting and surface data, and more.

Tags and values for ways Tags and values for relations
highway applicable highway tag like motorway or trunk type route
route road
network ph:nhn
nhn:class primary or secondary
name N120
name:desc description of route
(example:Starting point - (Intermediate point/s -) End point)
Tags and values for ways and relations
ref N120

Access restrictions

Tag Description Examples
access=permissive Roads that can be accessed, provided that one either pays a certain amount before entering a certain area (not to be confused with toll roads and motorways). This classification includes drive-thru service roads. Most streets inside Westgate Alabang
access=private Anyone with a sticker identifying a person as an resident of the area and/or works in the area gets in freely, everyone else must get a pass/hand over their driving license to get in. Some areas require prior notification and/or confirmation by either the resident, visitor or both if the visitor intends to enter the area. May also include driveways leading to a home. "security-conscious" residential areas, certain privately-owned cemeteries
access=no Members of the general public cannot use this road. Portion of roads designated for firetruck/ambulance access, which have the tag emergency=yes
maxspeed=* Expresses a maximum legal speed limit for using the way to which the tag is added. Must be in kilometers per hour.
minspeed=* Expresses a minimum legal speed limit for using the way to which the tag is added. Must be in kilometers per hour. Note: This tag is mostly used in major highways
maxweight=* Expresses a legal weight limit for using the way to which the tag is added. Must be in metric tons. (Example, a bridge that limits it users to vehicles that weight below 17,500 kilograms must be tagged as maxweight=17.5) mostly bridges
maxheight=* Expresses a height limit for using the way to which the tag is added. Must be in meters. Roads with footbridges, entrance to tunnels and some bridges