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This page documents the naming and tags for points of interest with multiple branches or chains. With the number of chain POI's, like banks, convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants, there is the need of a consistent tagging scheme. This page is based on User:Ianlopez1115/Commonly used names, but covers more chains and possible tags, and includes Overpass queries to find the total number of branches mapped, including those with varying names, either in a node, way, or relation


Name Alternative names Tags Note Overpass query
BDO Banco De Oro Names unified by User:Ianlopez1115 via mechanical edit last 2015, following edits made by User:Malenki.
BPI Bank of the Philippine Islands
BPI Family Savings Bank
Eastwest Unibank East West Bank, Eastwest Unibank
China Bank Savings CBS Some branches former Plantersbank branches. A set of edits, mostly mechanical edits by user:Ianlopez1115} to rename and retag all remaining Plantersbank branches.
UCPB United Coconut Planters Bank
PNB Philippine National Bank Some branches former Allied Bank branches, merged to PNB last 2013.

Convenience stores

Name Alternative names Tags Note Overpass query
7-Eleven 7-11
Ministop Mini Stop
Alfamart Alfa Mart

Fast food


Gas stations