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Hi, I'm David, based on the Isle of Wight, UK.

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My OSM Experience

Isle of Wight

Helped coordinate some of the Isle of Wight mapping party, which was the first large OSM mapping event held.

Subsequently I completed the mapping of the Isle of Wight roads. I have since been tracing footpaths and bridleways from NPE / OS1:25k, and confirming these by survey as time permits.

In 2017 I obtained a copy of the Isle of Wight Councils rights of way data and used this to improve the public rights of way in OSM


Used the coastline import script to import about 50% of the UK coastline, and large sections of the coastline from Ethiopia round to Burma.

Keep a regular eye on the coastline error checker to fix any coastline problems which arise.

From Yahoo traced large parts of Darwin & Cairns in Australia, and in 2006/2007 was responsible for the majority of tracing of Baghdad.

In 2018 resumed regularly checking OSM Inspector for routing errors on highways in Iraq.

From 2015 onwards started to improve the mapping of the Philippines, tracing much of Leyte, and I continue to regularly check OSM Inspector for routing errors on highways.

Starting in summer 2017 did extensive work improving the Kashmir Valley data, particulalry tracing highways, and improving the accuracy of forested areas.

Contributing Usernames:

dmgroom_ct : current user name which I contribute under

dmgroom_coastlines : used for coastline import

dmgroom : my first username


Mostly now using a Navigon Transonic 6000T running Gosmore.

North Star

Nstar.png Dmgroom is awarded the North Star

for completing all the roads on the Isle of Wight.


Can be contacted on reviews at pacific-rim dot net