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Baghdad, Iraq

latitude: 33.3, longitude: 44.4
Browse map of Baghdad 33°18′00.00″ N, 44°24′00.00″ E
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Baghdad is a city in Iraq at latitude 33°18′00.00″ North, longitude 44°24′00.00″ East.

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OpenStreetMap Baghdad is happening

Usable maps?


It is quite likely ok that we use this map. The persons responsible for drafting the map at the Iraqi HIC have given their approval.

CIA, NGIA, and other maps

All material produced by the US federal government is in the public domain, so most likely we can use these maps. Could make contact with the NGA just to make sure.

Tourist Map of Baghdad

  • Sample image from the map:

User:Mikel received a scanned copy of a tourist map of Baghdad from the 1980s. Not super detailed, but does have a number of major streets and many POI (as they existed at the time). The copyright status of the map is not determinate .. the company no longer exists, and may or may not have been registered in the UK, or perhaps in the Bahamas. Knowing who the copyright passed to is probably required before we can use this map. The note sent with the maps...

Street names in Baghdad are rare. Usually addresses are expressed as a district name, a street number and a building number. This detail is largely missing from this tourist map which is dated 1983. I recall my taxi driver had to keep stopping to read the signs at the end of streets until he got me to where I needed to be!

The map was produced by: Engineering Surveys Reproduction Ltd Rosemount House, Rosemount Avenue West Byfleet Surrey England

According to the registers at Companies House, the official registry of companies operating under UK legislation, the company was 'dormant' when it filed its accounts and report in 1997, and was dissolved in 2000. In other words, it does not exist, and does not appear to have any successor.

There was a statement issued by the International Publishers Association a few days ago about 'orphan rights,'

  • There are government made neighbor street maps that exist, although I dont seen to see any relesed to the public. The Streets are broken down into Nieborhoods/Districts. The roads are even numbered north-south, Odd numbered east-west from what I remember. If I run accross and example, Ill post it.--Nickvet419 Flag of United StatesThis user is member of the wiki team of OSM 15:19, 21 October 2011 (BST)

People Involved in Mapping Baghdad

  • There is a group of Iraqi refugees based in Amsterdam who are interested in helping. User:Mikel has the contacts.