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This page is used to coordinate the lending and keeping of GPS devices that can be used by the Philippine OSM community for mapping efforts, as well as documenting the contributions as a result of using these GPS devices. These GPS units were lent to the community by the OpenStreetMap Foundation as part of its GPStogo Program.


  • 2008-10-16: Maning's application to the GPStogo program has been approved by the OSMF.
  • 2009-01-16: 4 GPS units have arrived at the post office, but there is a P4,000 customs fee that needs to be paid. Donations to cover custom duties are welcome. We also need additional SD cards.
  • 2009-02-05: GPS units out of customs and currently with maning
  • 2011-01-15: Philip Paar donated an Etrex Venture HC.
  • 2013-02-12: Rally de Leon donated GPSmap 76.


GPS units

IMG 3488.JPG Etrex hc.jpg

The following table lists the current status of the GPS units.

Unit Id Make/model Serial # Configuration Current location Future locations Notes
001 Genie GPS GT-31 832001979 with 512 MB SD Card Ian Lopez Includes usb cable and Manual CD
002 Genie GPS GT-31 832001742 Tomas Leonor (StepJuan)
003 Genie GPS GT-31 832001737 Marloue Pidor
004 Genie GPS GT-31 832001978 with 256 MB SD Card Anthony Balico
005 Etrex Venture HC 16R063120 Jessie Ablao
0056 GPSmap 76 91004781 Regaladys includes Garmin data cable
misc car/usb charger, Manual CDs maning


To reserve a unit, make a note under Reservation requests below with pertinent details (e.g., when is the unit needed, where will you use it, etc.), then send a message to the mailing list where the request will be discussed and approved.

Reservation requests

  • add name

Confirmed reservations

  • add name

Usage instructions

How to prepare the units

  • Update this wiki page with the locations
  • Get a satellite lock pre-event
  • Clear old data including waypoints, tracks and tracks on the SD card
  • Double Check Settings, like track log interval
  • Charge the batteries! The Genie/NaviGPS units have a built-in battery and charge from USB.


  • Always upload your trace when you use the Philippines GPS units for loan
  • Always add a tag "philippines" and "ph_gpstogo" in the uploaded traces.

See also


This section documents the contributions to the OSM produced as a result of using these GPS units.