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This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.
Page documenting the remapping efforts in the Philippines before the data license change
Reason for being historic
The license change is long ago.
Captured time


  1. Motorways, trunk and primaries - this is to avoid routing issues along major highways
  2. Place nodes


An initial list of areas that may need remapping in order to be ODBL compliant.

General area Description Who is working on it Remarks
Angeles, Pampanga Streets originally created by Vince Villena ianlopez1115 Area near Clark Freeport complete. Other areas to follow.
Zambales area street in the towns of San Felipe, San Marcelino, Castillejos, San Antonio. Mostly traced in imagery, very little street were named. This can be remapped remotely. Maning Complete. San Antonio, Pundaquit, San Narciso, San Felipe Subic, Olongapo and SBMA remapped. Many roads in Castillejos cannot be recovered due to lack of GPS traces and imagery.
Bacolod Streets and buildings in the city center. Streets can be re-traced in imagery but street names need to be verified by local mappers. We can retrace streets from Bing imagery and then we could ask Gladys (and her brother) to help in adding street names.
Tarlac City 25% of objects were touched by RoadMaps who have not yet agreed to the new license. Imagery is available. Maning Complete. Most roads remapped, minor features such a riverbank polys will be added later.
Kalibo Many original ways were created by phtraveler. Very little GPS traces are available, no imagery.
Southwest Cavite maning Complete. Remapped Ternate, Naic, Maragondon, Magallanes, Alfonso.
Carmona area originally mapped or modified by kulweng ianlopez1115 Complete.
Santa Cruz, Laguna Resolved - Hsing already agreed to relicense his/her contributions.
Coastline of Masbate Island Resolved - User already agreed to relicense his/her contributions.
Paranaque and Las Pinas area seav, maning Many sections now remapped.
San Juan, Metro Manila V1 roads added by Choco maning Many sections are covered by clouds in the recent Bing update.
Paete, Laguna v1 edits by Sketcher ianlopez1115 Complete. Names subsequently added by backpacking philippines were retained or modified.
Boracay multiple v1 and subsequent edits by various contributors who either haven't relicensed their contributions or rejected the contributor terms.
Malate Turn restrictions added by akosialex, plus other critical roads and POI's ianlopez1115 Complete. Turn restrictions need to be re-added.